Error code P0217 - Overheating engine

Administrator posted this 04 June 2019

Error code P0217 is common, like the two previous ones (we wrote about earlier). P0217 is classified as a state of engine overheating or cooling system overheating, which essentially means the same thing. 

There are a lot of causes and consequences of overheating of the engine. It is important that the overheating of the engine is very dangerous and can lead to detonation. That is why when the error P0217 is shown up you need to climb under the hood and fix the problem immediately.

“Aggressive” driving

If you are a fan of fast driving and often run it to the last possible power, especially if the car is not adapted to such frequent loads, you will encounter this overheating problem. Sometimes, the driver loads the car with extra weight, carrying goods on it which are not carried out under the conditions are foreseen by the manufacturer. There are requirements for the operation of a particular model of car, and they must be followed. Reducing the load on the engine will save you from problems with overheating.


Often the problem of warning signals and errors in the test is the failure of the temperature sensor. Simply, the system receives erroneous data when in fact the real indicators may be normal. A simple replacement of the sensor will eliminate the error. It is the malfunction of the coolant temperature sensor or its mismatch to the standard type. To diagnose this problem, check the temperature of the coolant according to the scanner-tester with the temperature measured by the thermometer. The difference reaches +/- 10 °C.

Engine cooling system failure

Failures in this unit are a common cause of overheating of the engine and therefore require careful inspection and diagnosis. First of all, pay attention to the condition of the thermostat. Violation of the mobility of the valves, fouling, scaling, corrosion, and falling pressure on the rod - are the reasons for thermostat faults.

Overheating in the cooling system is indicated by temperatures above 115 °C (some manufacturers have a limit rate of 120°C).

Failures in the engine cooling system can damage both the system and the engine. It doesn’t worth to neglect the error P0217. In order to identify the problem in time, use the inCarDoc application.