Ended Production and Toyota Yaris for USA?

Administrator posted this 31 January 2020

Officially Mercedes X-Class Production Finishes in May

The Mercedes realised the first X-Class pick-up two years ago. Recently, the company confirmed that its production ends in May 2020. This decision was made as a result of cost reduction. We can’t say that the departure of this class from the market will be disastrous for fans of the brand. This car is a niche product for the Australian and South African markets. Available from the end of 2017, the X-Class was only sold in 16,700 copies in 2018 during the first year of sales. What is more, 2019 was worse for the premium class, as demand dropped to 15,300 pickup trucks worldwide.

The Toyota GR Yaris for the USA 

 The trend for enormous AWD cars is visible among all manufacturers, but the need for small-sized but productive cars hasn’t disappeared. The GR Yaris provides to 272hp and 370 Nm. Has 4WD wheel drive and manual/automatic transition. Therefore, the car found its way in Europe and Japan. Yesterday, Toyota USA published on Twitter a question of what does North American users think about this car. No one gives a direct answer. Whether it was a joke or a seed for a future release in the USA market? 

Lincoln MKZ Leaves Us Too

 The production of luxury brand Ford Motor Company MKZ ends in 2020. Consequently, the MKZ 2021 model year will no longer be on the market. This decision was the result of the collaboration of Lincoln with the Rivian. As a result, it is likely that the collaboration will lead to new crossovers. And the MKZ Continental is the brand's latest sedan.