Electric Vehicles — The Future Comes Today

Administrator posted this 02 July 2019

Previously, we have been written about Electric Cars for several times.

  1.  Solar cars — a new perspective
  2.  Hybrid, plugin hybrid and electric car — short and main
  3. Classification of connectors and charging stations of modern electric cars

Why you should pay attention to the Electric Vehicles development? Here, you will find the main preferences of the EVs – the foreseeable future of the automotive market.

The vehicles with types of power plants and fuels include: HEV, PHEV, REEV, BEV and FCEV. Two last examples are completely electric cars, which don’t release emissions to the air. Current realities are arranged so that the growth of the population leads to the rapidly developing of urbanization, and consequently, it increases the demand for cars. As you know, the creation of an environmentally friendly and economical mode of transport — a task on which not the first year working scientists and engineers. For example, there are about 34 makes of cars which include Audi, Jaguar, BMW, Volvo, Chrysler and well-known Tesla, as well as less popular Сhinese Vehicle brands. The body type classification includes different frame constructions from simple sedan or hatchback to the bus, cargo truck or sports car.

What is more, carsharing companies continue to develop, they appeared in the megalopolises, big cities, and small touristic centers too. The format of short-term car rental is a growing business and with the growing popularity and tightening of environmental policy, the company is increasingly offering electric cars. Hence, the advantages of EVs are:

  1. No tabus and restrictions (fees) on entry into the Central areas of large cities. (Such laws are becoming more widespread in European cities. The government aims to reduce the use of cars with an internal combustion engine)
  2.  No harmful emissions
  3.  The limited average distance of car use in the city
  4.  Final operating cost
  5. Comparative reliability and durability of the engine during long-term operation
  6. 6. High coefficient of efficiency
  7.  Produces less noise

However, it is impossible to do without disadvantages.

  1. The production of electric cars and the market are still not perfect.
  2. In power and speed EV inferior cars on fuel
  3. Lack of appropriate infrastructure (charging stations, universal adapters, and maintenance)

The quality of the EV battery has improved significantly over the past few years. However, aggressive driving and lack of proper maintenance of the vehicle will adversely affect the systems of both the most conventional car and EV.

Anyway, technological progress does not stand still. The electric vehicle is developing and through the last years more and more companies present “transport of future” to the audience at the International or Local Motor Shows and other tech events.