Choose Perfect Car Wash and Use inCarDoc

Administrator posted this 08 August 2019

Are automatic car washes safe for your car? Well, the answer is yes, but you should be vigilant. Learn some tips, which better to follow on the car wash stations.

Enough water is the first point to clean out all dirt from the car. When you try to wash the car at home, you might not have the opportunity to do it properly. By the way, approach “do it yourself” can cause even more problems than middle-class Car Wash Station.

What is more important, it is a choice of chemicals. You must figure out the right soap-agents to paintwork surface of the vehicle. Some drivers use dishwashing detergent, thus they discard the protective layer of wax. As a result, a chalky residue on the exteriority. Finally, you don’t have a vast covered area with water discharges, so washing the car under sunlight leads to the softens the paint.

About the Car Wash Station, be sure that:

  • They use cloth brushes instead of abrasive (leave scratches in a car's finish)
  •  Go to the touchless car wash (your car cleaned by high-pressure water jets + special soap)
  • They will dry the excess moisture with warm air jets
  • They use a microfiber washcloth to dry the vehicle
  • Think twice about extras. Washing the chassis and the bottom of the car should not be performed too often, though, although it allows you to get rid of the dirt that clogged drainage holes. In this case, high-quality drying is a must (to prevent rapid corrosion).
  • Cleaning tires and wheels - a service worth your attention and money
  • And finally, make sure your car is OK before you leave.

InCarDoc - is a multifunctional car diagnostics app, which also offers function "Find a service". It means, that by selecting the "Find service" section, a map is displayed on your screen. You can enter your location in the search and see the possible options offered: Car Repair, Car Rental, Gas Stations, Parking and Car Washes - depending on your choice.