Car rent - common rules

Administrator posted this 13 November 2018

If you are going to have a business trip or a trip for a long time to one particular place, you might have to rent a car. Car renting is a very popular service all over the world, you need to follow some simple rules in order to prevent any kind of troubles, during your trip.

Before to rent a car, think if you really need it. The period, the purpose of your trip and the square of your destination has a matter. It might be, that the use of public transport or taxi can save your wallet.

Take into account the weather conditions of your destination. If it is a rainy, cold and snowy region? Cause that facts can influence your driving abilities. Also, you need to understand that rules on a road and behavior of the drivers can be different from what you used to at home.

Chose only public and well-known car rental companies. Of course, the price and rental fees can be high, but you will have convincing guarantees that you wouldn’t get in a car rental horror story.

When you rent a car, check the cost of extras, which you may need use during the rent. For instance, child seat, personal driver, drop-off where you comfortable, extra insurance and etc.

As well pay attention to all extra fees, which may be different in other companies. So, you might pay gas fees, the difference between the fuel level when you took the car and its level when returning it. Mileage Fees, additional charge for driven miles. Airport taxes, when a vehicle was picked up at an airport. Return fees, if you haven't returned the car on time. Drop-off charges are taken for leaving the car, not at the car rental company.

Don’t forget to focus on the insurance policy and its coverage. You must have your car insurance, which also can be active in other countries, which you visit. If you forget your car insurance at home, or it isn’t active in the place of your visit, you will have to purchase a new one, in the rental agency. There are many nuances about car rental insurance, which are worthy of special attention.

Examine the car carefully, before to sign up the documents of rent. Check the VIN code on the car in compliance with those digitals in the registration certificate, Review the car for damage, do not forget about the interior. All "faults" that you find must be specified in the document. So, you will not be charged fines and will not be forced to pay for repairs for damage to which you are not involved. What is more, you can check the rental car with the help of inCarDoc, and prevent yourself from taking the car which has technical problems.

When you rent the car and drive it, ask the agency about the borders of your activity. There are different variants. Some car rental agency allows to driving0 the car, only in borders of the one city. Seldom companies can propose you to drive in the borders of the country, and the rare company has an international status and allows you to use a car in several neighbor countries.

Always return the car with a full gas tank. Follow rules to the car rental agency, and pay all parking fees. Anyway, your car and name will be charged to the car, and you will pay all fees in any case. Moreover, drop off the car in the opening hours.

Be sure that you have an international driving license or those which is acceptable in the country where you are going to rent the car.