C- and S-classes of Mercedes-Benz Next Generation

Administrator posted this 30 September 2019

Mercedes-Benz engineers have a fresh start in approach to the issue of designing the next generation of cars. The new C-class precedes the expected S-class.

What developments of the company for the fifth and seventh generation of the line will be significant? How does the company realize the car’s marketability?

Evolution of The Styling

The prototypes of cars have retained the common silhouette, but if you pay more attention to the details of the exterior, significant changes in the design become apparent. The updates are referring to the size of the body, to the proportions and the ubiquitous of angular elements. Mercedes-Benz is trying to keep the inherent traditional elegance of cars, but keep up with the trend for muscular SUVs.

Sedan, Coupe, Wagon, and Convertible are body types that will present the fifth generation of the C-Class.

Mercedes S-class focuses on the interior. A large touch screen in portrait orientation on the main console is the main and unique feature, that has been revealed at the moment.

Power Plant

Cars of both classes will receive an improved electric architecture, with support for the B48, which will subsequently allow Mercedes to introduce hybrid models into its lineup. Hybrid EQ Boost and EQ Power features will complement the predominant 4 cylinder petrol and diesel engines.

Among other things, the new generations’ models GLC and GLC Coupe, will provide the driver with a choice of rear-drive or 4WD. The company will complement the range of technologically advanced cars, already closer to 2021-2022.

2020 Autos in the S-class segment – are the representatives of the 7th generation, and Mercedes-Benz surprises its consumer with a completely new function Drive Pilot. This one upgraded option provides car’s automatic control for a long distance and at speeds up to 80 kph.

High Sensation

The engineers update the new generation of cars with highly sensitive system of detectors, auto-parking, and cruise control. The Mercedes cars’ belongs to the premium class group, and Audi A4, BMW 3 Series and Jaguar XE will be the main competitors in the next year.

We can assume that the standard car will cost €34 000, even though the price of the flagship hasn’t been announced yet.

Although we know little about the Mercedes-Benz cars of the new generation, they are very expected in the next two years.