Body-Control-Module (BCM) what are the key area of it?

Administrator posted this 25 June 2019

Body-Control-Module (BCM) is a very complex unit which is responsible for many functions. For example, it is used to control the external and internal lighting, windows, seat heating, car alarm, door opening (lock of doors and trunk), speedometer and odometer, heating of the rear window and mirrors,  etc. One of the connectors of the BCM is responsible for the input signal of the blow from the airbag. To simplify everything to the maximum level, it can be said that the BCM is a “controller of the comfort”.

Symptoms indicating BCM malfunction:

  • The system, which is responsible for the unit, works intermittently
  • Appear errors of the security function
    • Keyless entry (RKE)
    • Alarm system (VTSS)
    • Passive anti-theft system (PATS or PASSKEY)
  • Lightening of the dashboard indicators
  • The power drain of the battery

BCM doesn’t directly relat to the engine or other components of the “underhood space”, but it has connection with the other electronic components and systems of the car, and sometimes this control unit can cause engine failure, problems with the ignition system and even provoke jerks of car when you increase the speed, during driving.

To summarize, Body-Control-Module (BCM) depends on highly reliable electronic components to monitor and control a wide range of car body functions, safety, and comfort. They are:

  • Lighting & sound control
  • Position control of mirrors and seats, wipers, windows, climate control — all in all, comfort in the cabin;
  • Control security immobilizer and Keyless Entry System.

Breakdown of the Electronic Control Unit or the Control Unit of the body equipment (BCM) — requires a long search for a specific node that provoked problems with the car, a structured and often expensive repair. In order to avoid this “headache”, you have a necessity to conduct computer diagnostics of the car regularly. You need your smartphone, adapter and inCarDoc app, thus it will save you a lot of time and money.