BMW Moves Forward

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The BMW-group always was a great competitor for other carmakers and still pretends to be a leader. The companies' engineers develop huge and impressive concepts and series models of cars. The New BMW M2 Coupe, the BMW 4 Series Rendering, the i4 EV concept and even more are among the latest examples.

420 HP

That is how much the new BMW M2 coupe is going to realise soon. This car belongs to small car family, and supposedly will use versions of the X3 M and X4 M engines (also forthcoming M3 and M4). Therefore, the “S58” twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-six is said to have at least 420 horsepower and 406 pound-feet (550 Newton-meters) of torque to deliver enough level of performance to stay a strong competitor to the nowadays models.

According to the insider's info the new BMW M2 coupe will see the world in the UK in 2022 year.

What’s New for 4th Series?

The new BMW 4 Series will have a large kidney bean grille. Actually, the grille was always a central and distinctive visual indicator of the BMW. What is more unusual for the company, is that the license plate will be located on the grille itself.

BMW 4 Series production is set to start sometime in November, and realise is planned sometime in 2021.

Concept Debuted

To see the grille we have talked above, you might watch photos and videos of the BMW i4 EV concept. You can visit our FB page to reach more car’ highlights and read about the sound of the EV motor that delivers impressions. Production of a specialized model, which will obviously be limited, is planned for 2021.

What is more, the i4 grille pretends to be highly-technological, so the car will use intelligence a panel full of sensors for control.

The interior of the concept car looks airy, light, and minimalistic with digital dashboard screens and a multi-display system. Although, the interior will be much closer to the standard in the production version.