BMW and Mini named the best brands of electric cars

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A new era has arrived in the world of electric vehicles, and BMW and Mini not only keep track of time, but also set its pace. According to the latest rating provided by experts, the BMW i4 is considered the best electric car, which underlines the company's innovative approach to the development of electric mobility.

BMW i4

The pinnacle of electrical perfection
BMW i4 deservedly took the first place in the rating. This electric vehicle provides the perfect balance between elegant design, outstanding performance and advanced technology. With a maximum power reserve, an extensive set of innovative features and fast charging, the i4 has become the epitome of modern electric vehicle engineering.

Rivian R1T

An off-road hero with care for the environment
In second place is the Rivian R1T, the world's first all–electric SUV. With impressive off-road performance and outstanding technical parameters, the R1T represents a revolution in the world of electric cargo vehicles.

Rivian R1S

Family comfort with an eco-friendly bias
In third place, we see the Rivian R1S, a close relative of the R1T. The R1S provides similar technical capabilities, but in a more family-friendly design, which makes it an ideal choice for those who value comfort and safety.

Tesla Model Y

Compact and versatile
The top four electric cars could not do without a representative from Tesla. The fourth-place Model Y offers compact dimensions, excellent performance and advanced technology, making it an attractive choice for an urban look.

Tesla Model 3

The icon of the electric car revolution
is Tesla's Model 3. It continues to gain popularity among drivers with its accessibility, exceptional efficiency and stylish design. The Model 3 remains an icon of the electric revolution, continuing to innovate in the automotive industry.

In conclusion

BMW and Mini are once again proving their superiority in the field of electric vehicles by providing innovative and stylish solutions to the market. From the i4 to the Mini Cooper SE, these brands assert their leadership by offering cars that not only meet high performance standards, but also reflect a future in which electric vehicles will become an integral part of our daily lives.