Automotive technology: Technofantasy is much closer

Administrator posted this 06 January 2020

The international and largest technology exhibition CES 2020 starts tomorrow on the 7th of January and will be held until the 10th of January. The event will feature diverse devices and technologies that will bring us closer to the cyber future and will unleash many modern problems.

Famous car brands define themselves as companies that claim to be more than just a car manufacturer. The number of projects that automotive concerns launch independently or support third-party start-ups is steadily growing. Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, of course, Tesla and many other well-known manufacturers are developing high-tech and self-driving car branches. Over the past year, plug-in and autopiloted cars have appeared on the streets (of course, not everywhere). Although not everything has gone so well smoothly, however, it is clear that this direction will be improved.

CES has become the largest automotive technology event showcasing the future of connected and autonomous vehicles. We have already mentioned the plans of Nissan and BMW at the exhibition. Also, Mercedes-Benz will present already previously and repeatedly shown cars EQC 400 4MATIC and impressive VISION EQS. In addition to famous automobile manufacturers, several companies directly related to this industry will also present their products. For example, RTI has created new software Connext Drive to improve the operation and interaction with plug-in cars.

The Bosh will demonstrate a 3D display using passive 3D technology. It means that there is no need for glasses to interact with it, and there are no eye-tracking cameras.

The display consists of several screens placed at different depths of perception. The important visual information includes data from help systems to traffic warnings. The essential alerts have a high priority for the demonstration on the first screen. Multi-functionality, versatility and individual settings are the main advantages of the display from Bosh.