Are All OBD Ports The Same? OBD II Ports - Differences and Locations

Administrator posted this 29 May 2018

OBD II ports are not a novelty for modern drivers, but they still have many questions about it.

The creation of a common for all cars diagnostic port OBD II was associated with the deterioration of the environmental situation. In this case requirements to the technical inspection became stricter: it was mandatory to check the status of the ECU (electronic control unit) of the car.

With OBD II connector you can run a diagnostic of the car onboard computer. 
Based on the diagnostic results, the owner of the vehicle receives full or partial information about the car condition and operability or malfunction of the car systems. 
OBD II specification provides a standardized hardware interface and is a diagnostic socket connector, with 16 contacts for connecting diagnostic equipment to the vehicle (each of the contacts is responsible for a separate part or system of the car).

Using InCarDoc application from PNN Soft, you can conduct a car diagnostic examination by yourself. All you need is InCarDoc app on your smartphone and OBD II diagnostic adapter.