An AirCar flying car with a BMW engine. What is expected?

Administrator posted this 04 February 2022

Modern technologies are developing rapidly to keep up with the times. The automotive sector is no exception. Now we can see a prototype of a flying car. Flying cars are not exactly a new phenomenon. The Klein Vision company has successfully created a flying Air Car with a BMW engine. 

Recently a prototype of a flying car made the first full-fledged intercity flight in Slovakia and completed a key stage of development. A vehicle can transform from a car to an airplane in just a few minutes. 

It is known that AirCar has approached its production form after successful improvements.

What technical characteristics are known?

The invention is airmobile with a streamlined transformer body. It has wings, which, if necessary, fold along the sides. 

The AirCar is equipped with a 160-horsepower BMW engine that allows the driver to climb up to 2.5 kilometers high. It develops a speed of 190 km / h. Klein Vision says that an upgraded car's model with a 300-horsepower engine is already being prepared. The maximum speed of the aeronaut will be 300 km/h in the air. The flight range at one refueling station is about 1000 kilometers.

Two prototypes of the AirCar were created. The prototype runs on a conventional fuel pump. It is powered by a 160 hp BMW engine with a fixed propeller and a ballistic parachute. He completed more than 40 hours of test flights under supervision. 

The second prototype is more powerful in comparison with the first. It has a 300 hp engine. Also, the creators of AirCar have developed a variable pitch propeller. It is expected that it will have a cruising speed of 300 km/h with a power reserve of 1000 km. 

AirCar made its first flight at the end of 2020. In parallel, work was underway to obtain permits. As for today, the flying car Klein Vision has been issued a certificate of airworthiness by the Slovak Transport Authority.