All-New Mazda CX-30 Totally Perfect for its Class

Administrator posted this 17 December 2019

The refined, stylish, courageous crossover Mazda CX-30 focuses on the future. Don’t expect from this car something incredible and amazing, because the new model belongs to the J- segment/Small SUV/Subcompact SUV. Although, as a representative of the new generation, the CX-30 knows how to surprise. The harmonious car combines different styles. The angle of the rear window endows the car with a coupe silhouette. The narrower rear door arch makes the body shorter but wider. The car looks powerful and aggressive, so the shapes in the exterior and bumper grille bring a touch of modernity. Although with all these changes, the manufacturer has remained true to tradition. The trunk volume is 430 liters, which is quite good. The basic version has full-LED optics, which in higher classes becomes adaptive.

Namely, the landing of users was one of the main tasks. Provide comfort at all stages of interaction with the car. Almost every aspect of the CX30 has been measured, from the tires to the ceiling trim. That helped to minimize road-noise, even at 140 kph. Namely, the landing of passengers is one of the main tasks. The manufacturer provides comfort at all stages of interaction with the car. Almost every aspect of the CX30 has been measured, from the tires to the ceiling trim. That helped to minimize road-noise, even at 140kph. To ensure clear visibility the shape and thickness of the front and rear struts are minimum in their size. It reduces blind spots and to ensure clear visibility.

The Mazda Connected Services acts as a standard feature for all CX-30 models. The system's purpose is to reduce stress on the road. For example:

  • lane-keeping;
  • emergency stop system;
  • driver knee pad;
  • driver fatigue monitoring system.

At the same time, the last-mentioned function has an infrared camera, which perfectly justifies itself, and analyses the driver.

However, the Wi-Fi hotspot in the car is a separate service. The CX-30 comes standard with advanced features such as a large 8.8-inch center display with Mazda Connect, an eight-speaker AM/FM sound system and HD Radio, a Bluetooth headset for hands-free calling and audio, automatic on/off of led headlights, an electronic Parking brake, an the armrest on the floor console with storage compartments, and fabric seats.

The car is as compact as possible to easily maneuver in cramped conditions such as narrow roads or Parking spaces. At the same time, all-wheel-drive i-Activ is available on models.

A complete set of motors from Mazda will be installed on all CX-30. Namely, 1.8 SKYACTIV-D, 1.8 SKYACTIV-D AWD, 2.0 SKYACTIV-G M Hybrid, 2.0 SKYACTIV-G M Hybrid AWD, 2.0 SKYACTIV-X M Hybrid, 2.0 SKYACTIV-X M Hybrid AWD.

The two-liter SKYACTIV-G with a soft hybrid system isn't widespread and is used on cars of a class above. The CX30 has a belt-driven starter generator that converts electrical energy into kinetic energy (when braking) and stores a charge in a 24 Volt battery. In addition, it allows you to go with the engine turned off. The two cylinders disconnect at a constant speed moove. It significantly saves vehicle resources, reduces emissions, doesn't sacrifice performance.

  • Power 90 kW/122 hp/121 hp @ 6000;
  • Torque 213 Nm/157 lb-ft @ 4000;
  • Max. 182 speed – 186 km/h;
  • Acceleration 0-100 km/h 10.6-11.7s;

The CX-30 Premium includes an active-driving projection display designed on the windshield, leather seats, power rear door, power sunroof, adaptive front lighting system, roof arches, paddle shifters, cylinder tripping and led lighting and taillights.