Summer tires influence the driving abilities

Administrator posted this 30 April 2019

The turn of the seasonal change of tires had come again. Summer tires also have their own classification, tire thickness, tire tread, and its width are playing a significant role in the driving ability of the car. Conditionally, there are three types of summer tires: universal, highway, out of road. Also, it is necessary to store the tires properly, we wrote about it here.

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Overdrive and Kickdown modes what is their function and are they really necessary?

Administrator posted this 25 April 2019

Overdrive” and “Kickdown” appeared on automatic transmissions to simulate certain maneuvers and driving style as at manual gearbox. Adaptive automatic transmissions can be deprived of the ability to switch to such modes, as they are programmed to remember the style and driving conditions. However, even with adaptive automatic transmission, many manufacturers set the Overdrive and kickdown modes.

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The MacPherson strut and Air Suspension - economy class cars and sports cars

Administrator posted this 23 April 2019

The MacPherson strut — this is a type of car suspension on a shock absorption strut and telescopic damper as the upper steering pivot. Some kind of the technical design of the suspension was originally developed by Fiat engineers, however, its name and the original design were developed by the guidance of engineer E. S. MacPherson in General Motors, in the late 40s. Designed strut began to be widely implemented into cars in the 70s, and is still used for front-wheel-drive cars.

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Fuel consumption. What are the reasons and how to control it?

Administrator posted this 18 April 2019

The question of fuel consumption is important, as it allows you to identify problems with the car and also directly relates to your finances.

So, increased fuel consumption often indicates a technical malfunction of the car.  Finding these causes can be very long and time-consuming, but there are a number of breakdowns that often cause high fuel consumption by the car.

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Classification of connectors and charging stations of modern electric cars

Administrator posted this 16 April 2019

Over the past decades, the automotive market has gone through a number of modifications and changes. As a result, modern cars are stylish and safe, they have a high level of competitiveness in power and environmental friendliness. Every year the requirements for the number of emissions were tightened. Consequently, fuel cars were modernized, became more environmentally friendly.

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The car head unit (Android and iOs)

Administrator posted this 08 April 2019

Car head unit is a component of the car's multimedia system, usually located in the center of the dashboard panel and above the gearbox. Stereo systems in cars are presented as an on-Board computer and can work on the basis of Android and/or iOs.

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Why is it important to carry out computer diagnostics of the car?

Administrator posted this 08 April 2019

Modern cars are high-tech and almost completely computerized. If the search for problems in old cars took time, special knowledge and numerous tools, today everything is a little easier. Thanks to computer diagnostics, the problem can be detected at the earliest stages, and moreover, it can be solved on the spot.

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Areas of Car Tuning

Administrator posted this 04 April 2019

Every year, a large number of Motor Shows is held, manufacturers present their new cars there, and some of them can greatly surprise the ordinary people, and even an experienced motorist. Technical characteristics, comfort, safety and appearance of modern cars are fascinating. However, unique cars are expensive. 

That is why, there is a car tuning, which allows you to upgrade old cars of the middle class, in a fairly powerful and bright supercar. Although, the owners do not always want to change the specifications of their car, so they redesign (styling) exterior of the automobile. 

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Basic info about the the clutch system

Administrator posted this 02 April 2019

The clutch system is a part of the manual transmission, and automatic transmission this unit has a slightly different specialization and design. However, the topic is still relevant. Manual cars are also in favor and continue to enter the market. It is noteworthy that Lamborghini was ready to offer a supercar with the manual transmission in the near future. However, in March of this year, the company's management discontinued the production due to the high costs and the lack of the necessary transmission by Volkswagen Group (VW is the owner of the brand Lamborghini, which belongs to Audi division).

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Classification Of Car Alarms

Administrator posted this 28 March 2019

Car thieves appeared as soon as the cars were commercialized. The first recorded car stolen was mentioned in 8.06.1896, and considered theft of the car brand Peugeot, from the private garage of a Parisian and Baron Julien. The thief was his mechanic, ironically enough. At that time, the owning of the car was a luxury & too conspicuous attribute. However, this story ends here. The precedent was not considered by the media and didn’t receive publicity, and therefore, there is no reliable information about the capture of the offender, and whether the car was returned to the owner is unknown.

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