Top cars from Honda

Administrator posted this 28 December 2021

Honda has been around since 1948, but it entered the automotive market relatively later. Over the years of its existence, the cars of the Japanese manufacturer have been able to earn an excellent reputation for themselves. They position the SEB as a reliable and safe car. They also do not break out of the leaders of cars. The company has gained high popularity in the automotive market. Honda strives to maintain and improve the quality of both systems and technologies, as well as the final product.

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Top economy cars by fuel consumption

Administrator posted this 06 December 2021

Today, it is important for a motorist to monitor the fuel consumption of his car. It is important to know the fuel consumption for yourself in the car. If the consumption is less than ten liters, then it is considered good, and if higher, it requires an explanation. In the last few years, fuel consumption of about 6 liters per 100 km is considered optimal in terms of economy. We will provide you with the most economical cars.

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Competition of well-known car brand

Administrator posted this 23 November 2021

Global car companies are always trying to keep in touch between competitors. Good competition is an integral part of global progress. The creation of new car models leads to competitiveness. Therefore, car companies are trying to create new cars, bringing their new products to a new level of development. 

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Top 5 sedans of 2021

Administrator posted this 16 November 2021

The auto Sedan class is one of the most reliable and safest auto classes. It creates a competitive advantage for many models. Today, most drivers prefer to have a car that is profitable for them, which will be safe on the road. Therefore, we will highlight the top 5 current sedans of 2021.

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Safety as a priority advantage when choosing a car

Administrator posted this 05 November 2021

The road safety situation remains quite complicated. Today, when choosing a car, it is important to pay attention to its configuration and reliability. Car companies all over the world are trying to improve safety standards, directly for the driver and passengers. Therefore, the safety and reliability of the car remains a priority.

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Top current brands of the Honda company

Administrator posted this 25 October 2021

Honda has been around since 1948, but it entered the automotive market relatively later. Over the years of its existence, the cars of the Japanese manufacturer have been able to earn an excellent reputation for themselves largely due to their exceptional reliability. In the Honda rating, we have included the top 3 best models that have been popular for years.

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Top electric cars today

Administrator posted this 08 October 2021

The trend of development of electric vehicles is rapidly developing, introducing new advanced technologies. Drivers of cars with electric motors can list the advantages of this type of transport for a long time. Therefore, there is a demand for the development of electric vehicles. Today, we can distinguish a number of electric vehicles that have already won the title of reliable cars.

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Hydrogen cars. What are their special features and characteristics

Administrator posted this 29 September 2021

Alternative energy sources are one of the best ways to preserve the environment. Modern car companies have already developed ways to switch to a profitable option, thereby increasing the efficiency of the car. The transition to hydrogen cars is an urgent solution for nature conservation. But automobile concerns are in no hurry to switch to the production of vehicles with hydrogen fuel cells (FCEV). Although hydrogen cars already exist. But today, almost all models are produced only in the form of a concept, and only some are mass-produced.

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TOP 5 popular models of Mercedes cars

Administrator posted this 13 September 2021

Each car brand has several popular models that have been in demand for more than one year. Analysts have named the best-selling cars of the premium German automaker Mercedes-Benz. It should be noted that the rating was compiled based on sales results several years ago.

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Five expected crossovers of 2022

Administrator posted this 03 September 2021

Every year car companies join the ranks of crossover models. A quick sale and an easy purchase allow motorists to navigate in which car they prefer more. In this article, we will tell you about the 5 expected crossovers of 2022. And what opportunities will they provide.  

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