The first major brands based up to 30's and their first cars. Part 6

Administrator posted this 07 February 2019

This is the last part about the legendary brands and their first cars. Although, officially, the companies from this part of the article began its activities after the 30s', while the first step on the market of the automotive industry they made in the 20s'. Cars released before and after the War received an updated design and powerful characteristics. Engines of some manufacturers were already able to produce almost 200HP, which at that time made them the fastest and most powerful outside the race track.

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Sports cars: Supercar and Hypercar

Administrator posted this 31 January 2019

Hundreds of horsepower, stylish unique design, limited series of production, one-off production and a million dollar price tag - this is how you can describe supercars and hypercars, which are the top segment of sports cars.


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The first major brands based up to 30's and their first cars. Part 5

Administrator posted this 29 January 2019

This period. Before the WWII, was marked by a change in car’s body type. About 90% of cars had an open body until 1919, and after 10 years the situation has changed totally in the model range of brands cars with a closed body type dominated. In 30’s the world was covered by the economic crisis, known today as the Great Depression. And after recovery followed the Second World War. Car companies appeared less often, and it was more difficult for them to compete. Nevertheless, some were waiting for a Grand success. 

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Automobile Shows and Awards

Administrator posted this 24 January 2019

Auto Shows are held in different regions of the world. At these events, manufacturers of cars and automotive equipment demonstrate their latest innovations, which are introduced by the concept cars and customer models, auxiliary automotive technologies and capacities (eg. augmented reality technology Invisible-to-Visible, etc.). Among other things, iconic cars of the past also can be demonstrated in such exhibitions. There you can get acquainted with the latest car-models of the automotive industry and not only, besides, manufacturers often reveal the “secrets” and technical features of their new car models.

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The first major brands based up to 30's and their first cars. Part 4

Administrator posted this 22 January 2019

As we mentioned earlier, the first really used car with a petrol engine was designed by the German inventor Karl Benz, who was officially called "Benz Patent-Motorwagen" in 1885 in Mannheim, although the company was founded in 1883. At the same time, the inventor received a patent for his car, it is interesting to note that the first person who test the car was his wife - Bertha Benz - she made the first long-distance trip from Mannheim to Pforzheim and back, in August 1888. Since 2008, the route between these towns is named in her honor.

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Alloy Automobile Wheels

Administrator posted this 17 January 2019

At first glance, it may seem that such nuance as the wheels is not of great importance, but in fact, the wheels on which the tire is fixed are designed not only to improve the appearance of the car, but also, to improve its driving abilities. A tire with a rim drive is called a car wheel. There are 4 types of wheel rims: swagedalloy, forged, composite. 

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The first major brands based up to 30's and their first cars. Part 3

Administrator posted this 15 January 2019

Most of today's major car-brands have suffered significant losses due to historical events and political changes. Nevertheless, they found a way out and were able to resume production, to this day they are still recognizable around the world.

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Cars of the future-what can we expect?

Administrator posted this 10 January 2019

There is no doubt that in the nearest future the automobile market will be stuffed with high technology, smart, self-driving vehicles. Even for today, you can see the autonomous cars. Not all issues have been resolved and the regulation of the movement of such cars is not always adapted, yet. Notwithstanding, automotive manufacturers are continuing to refine the procedures of robot vehicles making, to implement modern technologies and to develop the more futuristic mode of transport.

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The first major brands based up to 30s and their first cars. Part 2

Administrator posted this 08 January 2019

The automotive market was continued to develop, more and more companies appeared and started to create transport with combustion engines, which appear around the world. Engineers developed and designed faster and more stylish cars, they implemented them to different economic classes of the society. The great changes happened when the company ruled by Henry Ford appeared in the United States because he launched the first conveyor production of cars in factories. 

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Save you time with some easy car cleaning tricks

Administrator posted this 02 January 2019

The car must be monitored. This can be done by means of special car washes, and you can handle yourself. All car owners at least once washed their car, but not everyone knows the simple ways that will keep the car clean and tidy much longer. 

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