Administrator posted this 05 September 2019

Modern cars are equipped with power steering, which facilitates the interaction of the driver with it. There are two types of such boosters: hydraulic and electric. To find out what are the advantages and disadvantages of each of them, read the article. 

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Is It True That Cars in South Africa are not OBD2 Compliant?

Administrator posted this 03 September 2019

Cars from any countries within Africa (including South Africa), Uruguay, Colombia, and Bolivia doesn’t support OBD2. But all rules have some exception. Let’s find out why does it happened, and which cars in South Africa are most likely to be compatibility with OBD2.

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Cars with the Highest Fuel Economy Rating (Besides Hybrids)

Administrator posted this 29 August 2019

If miles per gallon or kilometers per liter is something that concerns you above car tech. specs, then stick around this article. Gasoline and diesel prices do fluctuate from time to time. Regardless of the fuel affordability, the efficiency has always been an important parameter on the purpose list of the smart car-buyers.

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Smoke from exhaust pipe

Administrator posted this 22 August 2019

Such a thing as the color of the exhausts’ smoke can provide a lot of useful information about your car. It helps to prevent serious damage.  Under normal conditions, the smoke is almost colorless.

  • Black Smoke
  • White Smoke
  • Blue Smoke

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The Truth about Cushion Buffer

Administrator posted this 20 August 2019

Power (Spring) Cushion Buffer also can be called as Car Buffer Bumper Cushion or Coil Spring Cushion Buffer — names for one unit of the vehicle. It is a shock-absorbing gasket installed between the turns of the suspension shock absorbers. Cushion Buffer is a new product in the automotive market, and it is a reason to raise the issue of its advantages & disadvantages.  

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Time to Replace the Spark Plugs

Administrator posted this 15 August 2019

Several of topics in the blog are Spark Plugs related. We mentioned their role at various stages of car functionality and their troubles, even so, we are going to focus on nuances of spark plugs maintenance. 

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What should we know about the autogas system?

Administrator posted this 13 August 2019

The price of petrol grows and comes to be a reason for drivers search for alternatives. One of them - is autogas system. Electric cars have several disadvantages (low power reserve, low battery potential. Additionally, the price category of high-quality and powerful (in its segment) electric car is overstated for the average consumer.

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Choose Perfect Car Wash and Use inCarDoc

Administrator posted this 08 August 2019

Are automatic car washes safe for your car? Well, the answer is yes, but you should be vigilant. Learn some tips, which better to follow on the car wash stations.

Enough water is the first point to clean out all dirt from the car. When you try to wash the car at home, you might not have the opportunity to do it properly. By the way, approach “do it yourself” can cause even more problems than middle-class Car Wash Station.

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You Should Know About The Car Compatibility with OBD-II

Administrator posted this 06 August 2019

One of the ubiquitous questions asked by inCarDoc users is about the compatibility with OBD2. “What are the limits, not allowing the car to be compatible with OBD2?” - a question which is asked frequently. Step by step we will try to figure out all the nuances of OBD2 support.

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What does acronym DTC mean?

Administrator posted this 01 August 2019

The BMW users know this acronym very well, and it means Dynamic Traction Control. Well, traction control is necessary to improve the grip of the wheels on the road surface and optimize the driving dynamics. Especially well DTC justifies itself when driving on snow or infirm ground.

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