Does modern car technologies can surprise you?

Administrator posted this 09 July 2019

You can hardly surprise anybody with the navigation system in the car. Lay it on the line, for today it seems to be more complicated to attract attention to auxiliary systems of the car or etc., and the fact is due to the high-level development of technology. Hence, the engineers and scientists continue the brainstorming, and therefore, new impressive technological devices appear. This article focuses on modern auxiliary systems of the automobiles. 

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It's always the injectors ' fault, isn't it?

Administrator posted this 04 July 2019

It's always the injectors' fault, isn't it? Of course not, but in case of problems with the ignition system, smooth operation of the engine, or the fuel consumption increases up the experienced drivers check the injectors first of all.

Injectors or atomizing nozzles — a structural element of the engine, namely the injection system that supplies fuel under high pressure to the manifold. The quality of fuel or gas spraying - is an indicator of the reliability and wealth of the injector.

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Electric Vehicles — The Future Comes Today

Administrator posted this 02 July 2019

Previously, we have been written about Electric Cars for several times.

  1.  Solar cars — a new perspective
  2.  Hybrid, plugin hybrid and electric car — short and main
  3. Classification of connectors and charging stations of modern electric cars

Why you should pay attention to the Electric Vehicles development? Here, you will find the main preferences of the EVs – the foreseeable future of the automotive market.

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Is there a significant difference in the process cycles of the engine (Otto, Atkinson and Miller)

Administrator posted this 27 June 2019

The internal-combustion engine is the heart of the car. The first ICE was constructed in 1860 and was powered with 8.8 kW (11.97 HP). German engineers Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach developed the first gasoline engine in 1885 and installed it on a motorcycle (known as a Daimler Motorcycle), later it was implemented on a car.

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Body-Control-Module (BCM) what are the key area of it?

Administrator posted this 25 June 2019

Body-Control-Module (BCM) is a very complex unit which is responsible for many functions. For example, it is used to control the external and internal lighting, windows, seat heating, car alarm, door opening (lock of doors and trunk), speedometer and odometer, heating of the rear window and mirrors, etc. One of the connectors of the BCM is responsible for the input signal of the blow from the airbag. To simplify everything to the maximum level, it can be said that the BCM is a “controller of the comfort”.

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Silver and Gold Lead Plates Of The Battery

Administrator posted this 20 June 2019

Modern technologies of car production are spectacular. More and more manufacturers produce cars equipped with a number of electronic devices. For example, cameras, alarm systems, navigation systems, all sorts of lightning, displays for passengers and for the driver, a lot of sensors and systems affecting the performance of cars. All of these devices are operated on battery power, and therefore the requirements for the battery increase. The main term for a modern battery is - high capacity and enough charge for a long time. The technologies were modified for the new generation of car battery production. As one of the ways to improve the quality of the device, adding impurities of other chemical elements to the lead plates of the battery was a perfect decision.

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Solenoid ABS Brief Review

Administrator posted this 18 June 2019

What does the ABS Solenoid do in your car? Long story short, ABS is the anti-lock braking system, and you can easily get access to the information through the OBD-II DLC. ABS is very important for your safety, as its main and preferable task is to prevent wheel lock during braking. The functionality of the Anti-lock Braking System is procured by modulator, valves and solenoids inside it. The controller receives the brake pressure from the main cylinder, and puts under the control the pressure in the wheels.

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Semi-automatic transmission & PowerShift

Administrator posted this 13 June 2019

Semi-automatic transmission is another type of gearbox. This device is billed as a manual gearbox with automatic control. At the same time, it is wrong to be confident that the clutch-less manual transmission is a kind of automatic, manual gearbox or CVT.

The semi-automatic transmission (SAT) complexion reminds mechanics, in addition, it is equipped with actuators for clutch release/transmission selection), as well as sensors and electronic control unit.

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P0190 - P0194 Fuel Rail Pressure

Administrator posted this 11 June 2019

To continue the topic of the error codes, it is time to mention faults with Fuel Rail Pressure system. A fuel rail is essentially a pipe (usually resembling a rail) used to deliver fuel to individual fuel injectors on internal combustion engines.

  • P0190 Fuel Rail Pressure 
  • P0191 FRP Range/Performance
  • P0192 FRP Low Input (voltage)
  • P0193 FRP High Input (voltage)
  • P0194 FRP Intermittent

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A continuously variable transmission (CVT) Pross & Cons

Administrator posted this 06 June 2019

Manual, hydraulic, automatic, variable and robotic transmission. Buying a car, the driver always draws on the type of transmission installed and a number of its other features. Quite common gearbox is CVT transmission, its main advantages and disadvantages and will be discussed.

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