Mobile Applications Translation Into English

This translation is available in the following mobile applications: v.6.3.3 (Android) and v.2.0.4 (iOS)
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C0379 - Front Axle System
C0387 - Unable to Perform Shift
C0472 - Steering Handwheel Speed Sensor Signal V Low
C0473 - Steering Handwheel Speed Sensor Signal V High
C0495 - EVO Tracking Error
C0498 - Steering Assist Control Actuator Feed Circuit Low
C0499 - Steering Assist Control Solenoid Feed Circuit High
C0503 - Steering Assist Control Solenoid Return Circuit Low
C0504 - Steering Assist Control Solenoid Return Circuit High
C0550 - ECU Malfunction - internal write / checksum malfunction
C0559 - EEPROM Checksum Error
C0563 - Calibration ROM Checksum Error
C0577 - Left Front Solenoid Circuit Low
C0578 - Left Front Solenoid Circuit High
C0579 - Left Front Solenoid Circuit Open
C0582 - Right Front Solenoid Circuit Low
C0583 - Right Front Solenoid Circuit High
C0584 - Right Front Solenoid Circuit Open
C0587 - Left Rear Solenoid Circuit Low
C0588 - Left Rear Solenoid Circuit High
C0589 - Left Rear Solenoid Circuit Open
C0592 - Right Rear Solenoid Circuit Low
C0593 - Right Rear Solenoid Circuit High
C0594 - Right Rear Solenoid Circuit Open
C0611 - VIN Information Error
C0615 - Left Front Position Sensor Malfunction
C0620 - Right Front Position Sensor Malfunction
C0625 - Left Rear Position Sensor Malfunction
C0628 - Level Control Position Sensor Circuit High
C0630 - Right Rear Position Sensor Malfunction
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