Mobile Applications Translation Into English

This translation is available in the following mobile applications: v.6.3.3 (Android) and v.2.0.4 (iOS)
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B0077 - LF/Driver SIS Malfunction
B0078 - RF/Passenger SIS Malfunction
B0079 - Incorrect LF/Driver SIS Installed
B0080 - Discard LF/Driver SIS
B0081 - Incorrect RF/Passenger SIS Installed
B0082 - Discard RF/Passenger SIS
B0086 - Supplemental Deployment Loop #2 Resistance Low
B0087 - Supplemental Deployment Loop #2 Open
B0088 - Supplemental Deployment Loop #2 Short to Ground/Voltage Out of Range
B0090 - Active switch voltage out of range
B0091 - Active switch: wrong state
B0092 - PPS passenger detection error
B0093 - PPS/CPS self-test malfunction
B0094 - CPS childseat detection error
B0095 - SDM-PPS/CPS mismatch malfunction
B0126 - Right Panel Discharge Temperature Fault
B0131 - Right Heater Discharge Temperature Fault
B0159 - Outside Air Temperature Sensor Circuit Range/Performance
B0164 - Passenger Compartment Temperature Sensor #1 (Single Sensor or LH) Circuit Range/Performance
B0169 - In-car Temp Sensor Failure (passenger -not used)
B0174 - Output Air Temperature Sensor #1 (Upper, Single or LH) Circuit Range/Performance
B0179 - Output Air Temperature Sensor #2 (Lower, Single or LH) Circuit Range/Performance
B0184 - Solar Load Sensor #1 CKT Range
B0189 - Solar Load Sensor #2 CKT Range
B0248 - Mode Door Inoperative Error
B0249 - Heater/Defrost/AC Door Range Error
B0268 - A/I Door Inoperative Error
B0269 - Air Inlet Door Range Error
B0408 - Temperature Control #1 (Main/Front) Circuit Malfunction
B0409 - Air Mix Door #1 Range Error
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