Mobile Applications Translation Into English

This translation is available in the following mobile applications: v.6.3.3 (Android) and v.2.0.4 (iOS)
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C0274 - Excessive Dump/Isolation Time
C0279 - Powertrain Configuration Not Valid
C0281 - Brake Switch Circuit
C0283 - Traction Switch Shorted to Ground
C0284 - EBCM Malfunction
C0286 - ABS Indicator Lamp Circuit Shorted to B+
C0287 - Delivered Torque Circuit
C0288 - Brake Warning Lamp Circuit Shorted to B+
C0290 - Lost Communications With PCM
C0291 - Lost Communications With BCM
C0292 - Lost Communications With PCM
C0297 - Powertrain Configuration Data Not Received
C0298 - Powertrain Indicated Traction Control Malfunction
C0300 - Rear Speed Sensor Malfunction
C0305 - Front Speed Sensor Malfunction
C0306 - Motor A or B Circuit
C0308 - Motor A/B Circuit Low
C0309 - Motor A/B Circuit High
C0310 - Motor A/B Circuit Open
C0315 - Motor Ground Circuit Open
C0321 - Transfer Case Lock Circuit
C0323 - T-Case Lock Circuit Low
C0324 - T-Case Lock Circuit High
C0327 - Encoder Circuit Malfunction
C0357 - Park Switch Circuit High
C0359 - Four Wheel Drive Low Range (4LO) Discrete Output Circuit
C0362 - 4LO Discrete Output Circuit High
C0367 - Front Axle Control Circuit High
C0374 - General System Malfunction
C0376 - Front/Rear Shaft Speed Mismatch
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