Administrator posted this 28 February 2020

For more than 40 years, the Golf for Volkswagen is a canonical sports model that year after year since the start of sales did not give up positions in the market. The car is loved by motorists and getting better deserves attention for more often.

The Golf GTI is ready to debut as a car with full digital and network connectivity. The high-tech representative meets the trends in technical world and offers future owners optimal and effective technologies that improve the driving experience. The GTI engine produces 180 kW (245 HP). This provides an error-free, original version of the compact sports car. In addition, the car is equipped with a new transmission — DSG. In the interior, the main element of a sports car is the driver's seat, namely the steering, on which the designers put a bright emphasis. New multi-function leather sports steering wheel with touch control, perforated leather and GTI clasp chrome/red. In addition, a digital dashboard and 30-color background lighting are added.

The GOLF GTE model has a well-designed exterior and bright outlines. This model is quite young, the first hybrid sample appeared in 2014. The hybrid drive is designed for sporting results and combines electrical stability and an emission-free distance of about 60 kilometers with excellent dynamic performance. Turbocharged petrol engine with electric motor realise 180 kW (245 HP). in Addition, the car is starts up only by electric power, with zero emissions. For this model, an optional service is — installation of the Travel Assist drive. It provides active steering, acceleration and braking (up to 210 km / h).

The GOLF GTD. The first diesel Golf went on sale in 1982. As then this model is the most powerful. The high level of efficiency of the new GTD engine provides very long distances when working with a turbocharged diesel engine. Its power is 147 kW (200 HP) and a torque of 400 Nm. Design and digital techs present in each model.

These models have both obvious and a lot of minor differences. This does not make them competitors, but allows them to reach a wider range of consumers.