The car head unit (Android and iOs)

Administrator posted this 08 April 2019

Car head unit is a component of the car's multimedia system, usually located in the center of the dashboard panel and above the gearbox. Stereo systems in cars are presented as an on-Board computer and can work on the basis of Android and/or iOs.

Modern car computers are highly technological and multifunctional, have a touchscreen display, which greatly simplifies the interaction with the system for the driver and passengers, also they use voice control and gesture recognition.

If you want to buy a multimedia or audio system, you come across a number of terms that you need to know to buy a quality device for your car. 


These abbreviations indicate the size of the radio. DIN (Duetch Industri Normen) relate to the size of 2”x8”. This is the standard for a radio system in cars coming out from the mid-80s. DOUBLEDIN features a size ratio of 4”x8” and already has a large display that supports video format. 

LOC (or Line Output Converter)

This is a line-out Converter, allows you to connect the radio to the amplifier via RCA jack and this effect the sound quality.  

Up-to-date audio systems for the car, become the object for stolen more often, therefore the devices are usually integrated into the car alarm system. 

Car head multimedia units allow the user to interact and control:  

  • AM/FM radio  
  • Satellite radio 
  • DVD/CD (currently used very rarely)  
  • USB connection  
  • MP3  
  • Dashboard camera (also for back view) 
  • GPS-navigation  
  • Bluetooth  
  • Wi-Fi, etc.

More advanced manufacturers, provide drivers with the ability to use the multimedia system as a back view dashboard. What is more, car head unit warnings about errors and faults on the display screen, as well as coordinate driving of the car.

Stereo systems supporting Apple CarPlay and Android Auto standards have become popular and widespread. The best stereos that can fully support Android software (starting with Android 5.0) or iOS (starting with iPhone 5) are brands as: Pioneer, Sony, Alpine, Kenwood, JCV

Sum up:  

  1. The device is compatible with smartphones running Android 5.0 and above  
  2. The device is compatible with smartphones on iPhone5 and later versions of the operating system  
  3. Some headsets support both systems, some can only function with one OS  
  4. Allow you to expand the capabilities of the car