Rustin car, how to stop it?

Administrator posted this 19 February 2019

Every driver pays attention to the car condition and maintenance. Nevertheless, the parts and systems are worn out and the car eventually loses its capabilities. So, the decision is simple, just replace those items which has been worn out.  

However, to the regret of drivers, there are a lot of malfunctions that don’t affect the performance but gradually destroy the car. The worst thing which could happen with the car is rust.  

The rusting proсess is occurred by the oxidation of iron. If you see the rust on the car’s body, you need to stop this process immediately. Otherwise, the metal will decay and driving the automobile that has undergone the process of corrosion – can be really dangerous. 

What causes rust?  

On the level of producing, the manufacturer tries to protect the car applicate thick lay of the paint varnish layer and anti-corrosion coating. But even such a high level of protection depends on run and service operations during its useful life.  

So, reasons which can cause metal corrosion are:  

  • Climatic conditions and temperature differences;
  • Low-quality roads (rubble parts leave small cracks or jags. When the protection layer is damaged – the corrosion proses starts); 
  • A dirty car which also usually left by the owner in moisture place (what is more, in this case, corrosion starts under the paint layer);
  • Insufficient adhesion of paint and metal (rusting under a layer of paint);
  • In areas with limited ventilation (where there is an accumulation of dirt and water-so the content of the machine in a clean state of whim not aesthetics, but quality and safety); 

How to prevent the rusting process? 

As you could understand from the previous paragraph, the rules are lies in the fact of complying with the basic rules of hygiene and temperature conditions for cars. Keep the car in a dry and well-ventilated area (garage or covered Parking). In winter, the car should be washed less, and it better to do at washing stations. 

How to stop the rusting process? 

If happened that the rusting process started, you need to stop it immediately, while it is possible to do. To get rid of rust is difficult, so to do it well you need to go to the service station which provides high-quality services. The work to get rid of rust includes: 

  • Washing of the exterior and interior;
  • Drying;
  • Detailed examination of the body and interior for damage;
  • Preparatory work with the body;
  • Derusting;
  • Additional processing;
  • Putty works with the sweep for removing irregularities;
  • Painting;
  • Washing.

If you notice the slightest appearance of rust, it should be removed momently.