Nuances of your car exploitation when the weather is cold

Administrator posted this 15 November 2018

When the winter comes, drivers are faced with many problems of the car exploitation. More information about how to prepare your car for the cold weather, we have already written. Hence, some systems of your car deserve special attention.

Gas Equipment

It is necessary to take into account that there are concepts of summer and winter gas. The difference is just in their chemical composition. So winter gas is more saturated with propane, and summer is rich in the butane. It is determined by the combustion temperature, which should be high in the cold. On the other hand, the pressure will be lower and this will affect the car's transition from petrol to gas and/or back.

A more significant factor in the quality of the gas equipment itself and its how it was installed on the car. If everything was done by professionals and the equipment meets the standards, then you do not have to worry.

The most common problems for car owners with gas equipment installed on them are problems with: the gear-reduction box, nozzles, filters and gas valves.

That problem when the gear-reduction box cools off in winter can be presented as a myth. Some drivers, usually of old cars, provide additional warm protection to it. But in fact, the gearbox warms up from the inside. Problems with its cooling — is the absence of antifreeze or tosol cooling agent, and the presence of air inside the gearbox.

The gas condensate - a common reason that can significantly affect the quality of the reducer. Condensate is oily fractions which remain in gas in case of its low-quality cleaning. The oily fraction, in the form of drops along with the gas flow, goes further into the system – into the gear-reduction box and into the nozzles. The condensate enters the gap between the guide cylinder and the last valve loses mobility – and the reducer can no longer maintain the required pressure in the gas supply system to the nozzles. 

Those problems do not need to be solved if they are prevented, and it does not require a lot of effort. It is enough to replace the filters before the winter starts, adjust the nozzles and clean the gear-reduction box if necessary.

So, due to this point, we can conclude that there are few problems with gas equipment, but only if the driver does not cut corners of transition from petrol to gas and vice versa, and if the gas equipment is installed at an official dealer or on the certified service station.

What happens with the battery in winter

In case, if you don’t use your car when the temperature is low, you need to save the battery in the in the appropriate way, that is so because when the battery remains auto, the electrolyte inside the cans-freezes. After that, to return the battery to life quite difficult, and you will only have to buy a new one and get rid of the old one.

The battery shouldn’t be left for a long time in the apartment, especially if it is non-sealed batteries, as electrolyte vapors are harmful. It is better to leave the battery on the balcony, garage (if it is heated), etc., or wrapped it in cloth in the order to save warm.

For instance, if there were strong frosts at night, and in the morning you need somewhere to go, it is necessary to warm up the battery. An easier way to do it - is to turn on the high beam for a few seconds and wait for five minutes. Only after that, you can start the car. O the other hand, you are at risk to harm your car. Another option, bring the battery into the house for 5 minutes. Evaporation is not so abundant, and for 5 minutes or even a day will not cause harm. Always keep a constant high charge, it will protect you from a number of troubles. How to properly charge the battery, you can read here.

Check the battery periodically and clean the contacts if necessary. It is important to pay attention to the operation of the generator, as often problems with the battery can be caused by failures in the generator.