Is it important to clean electrical contacts

Administrator posted this 29 July 2022

Approximately 1/5 or 1/6 of all repairs to the electric part of the car are somehow related to the oxidation processes. Oxidation of contacts is one of the main problems of electrical equipment. Therefore, it is so important to monitor the electrical conductors.

The maintenance of electrical wiring is as important a part of car maintenance as, for example, oil level control. An oxidized contact or a short circuit of the dried wiring can lead to a failure of the car's electrical equipment and cause a fire. Nowadays, car wiring requires regular maintenance. The more electronic devices are in the car, the more carefully you need to treat this item.

Why is it essential to monitor electrical contacts?

Oxidation of contacts refers to a chemical reaction in which the metallic material of the conductor and oxygen or its chemical compounds enter. 

What are the main causes of oxidation of contacts in the car:

  • increased humidity in the car systems; 
  • increased temperature in the engine compartment, accelerating the process of interaction with oxygen; 
  • the presence of foreign ingredients (antifreeze, oil, mold, fungus); 
  • the flow of large currents leading to sparking and charring of contacts; 
  • interaction with the salt composition of road treatment.

Therefore, it is significant to use a contact cleaner to avoid further misunderstandings. The contact cleaner allows not only to get rid of dirt and rust on the live parts of the electrical circuits of the car but also to improve the contacts. The auto market presents a selection of different automotive electrical contact cleaners. As a rule, they are created in two aggregate states. The first type is suitable, in the form of a liquid suitable for spot treatment. The second type in the form of a spray is better to handle a large area, that is, several contacts at the same time. With the spray you can get to hard-to-reach places.

It is important to understand the difference between cleansing and protective compounds. Cleaners only remove oxies and impurities from the contacts. But, it does not form a protective film on their surface. The right solution, if you want to protect the contact for as long as possible, is to treat it with grease and regularly check for maintenance.