inCarDoc Diagnostic trouble codes

Administrator posted this 08 November 2018

If you are faced with some problems in your car, which are associated with the engine and fuel system, they must be eliminated. To drive to the station every time is expensive and it takes time. But, fortunately, today you can determine, and then correct errors with the help of the mobile application inCar Doctor.

First of all, install the app on your smartphone and connect to the car using the adapter OBD-II, through the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi network.

A common premise for the car to support OBD-II diagnostics is the presence of a 16-pin diagnostic connector (DLC).

Immediately as you will connect to the board computer the main menu will open, and there you need to complete the basic parameters of your car. In order to start the diagnosis, go to the "Diagnostic trouble codes" in the menu. After the diagnosis is complete, the list of detected problems will be revealed. Press the "Clear" button and reset the current codes and issues. Codes of malfunctions are disclosed in the application and there is additional information available on the identified problem.

Among other things, through the function of the application "Diagnostic trouble codes" you can send data codes to the associated e-mail, save them in the application and even share in the social. Networks.

REMEMBER! Cleaning of errors should be carried out at the time when the car is not on the move. This process will affect the operation of the on-Board computer and can bring down the settings and functionality of the main system.

So, through two movements, you just update your car and get rid of problems in the work of it.

If you still have questions about the inCarDoc application, you can visit our official web portal or you can contact our support, and get the answers on all technical issues.