News feed: E-cars and technologies that optimize the driving experience

Administrator posted this 25 May 2020

Electric cars are increasingly securing positions in the market, and the lines of all brands are replenished with "green" ones, which are especially popular in European cities and megacities. Also, eco-cars are closely linked with technologies that aim to make driving safe, comfortable, optimal.

Mercedes-Benz offers a new E-Class with a 48-Volt system and ISG technology

The EQ Boost on the new E-class models opens up new stages for fuel economy and driving experience. The in-line six-cylinder petrol engine (M 256), first introduced in the Mercedes-Benz E 450 models, is equipped with a built-in starter-generator (ISG) and 48-Volt technology. AMG with EQ Boost has passed electrification and received a volume of 3 liters, besides, it has an intelligent forced induction.

The company has developed three main approaches: EQ Boost, EQ Power, and EQ Drive.

The new global family of four-and six-cylinder petrol engines has a modular design and consistently focuses on electrification - the modular engine family. Basic engines can be combined with both ISG and hybrid transmissions.

In the E-class models, the M 256 engine with ISG will be available, which offers additional power.

Thus, it is worth paying special attention to the E-class in the future, because now it can pleasantly surprise drivers.

Kia Motors Europe plans to increase sales of electric cars

Kia will offer 11 electric vehicles by 2025 worldwide, for different car segments. This bold approach is justified by gradual growth. For a long time, sales of electric cars were moderate. However, the experience of drivers has proven the quality and performance of e-cars. Experts assume that by 2026, sales will grow by at least 20%.

The «Plan S» strategy describes Kia's proactive and entrepreneurial "transition" from a business system focused on internal combustion engine vehicles to a system focused on promoting electric vehicles.

After launching the first EV from Kia, the company will introduce fully electric models by 2022. These will be completely new cars, and perhaps by the end of this year, we will already know much more about them.

Technology-Peugeot multi-function steering wheel

Removable steering wheel in racing cars is not new, but the ability to change the steering wheel on a commercial car is still a little surprising. However, the multi-function steering wheel in the car plays a big role today. The company's innovations are based on compactness. As a central element, the compact steering wheel makes driving easier and increases the driving experience tenfold. The need to take your hands off the steering wheel lower, and therefore it allows you to optimize the manoeuvrability of the control. In 2018, at the Paris motor show, PEUGEOT unveiled the e-LEGEND concept, a technology Manifesto serving the driving pleasure and experience on Board an Autonomous steering wheel vehicle. Technological, ultra-connected, intelligent and attractive, the PEUGEOT e-LEGEND offers new control technology and a " Responsive i-Cockpit»,