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aakudev posted this 4 weeks ago

Hello, I have been long a pro user but recently started using the app. I own a Honda Civic 1.8 AT, and wanted some help on setting the app up. I have entered all the information and would like to know if do I have to enter the VIN number of the car to see any fault codes?



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inCarDoc posted this 4 weeks ago

Reading of standard OBD-II codes (Engine and Emission systems) is unified for all cars and does not require any manual enter from your side. Extended diagnostic option might require (if can't read VIN by itself) you to set correct manufacturer, that is Honda at your case. That's all.


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faraway last posted this 4 weeks ago

Battery charge is high.Engine does not work which made the wire cut or burn. Mostly problem are fuel oil or .New start or run Capacitors is series. Fuse wires and fuse ceramic.


aakudev posted this 4 weeks ago

Thanks buddy, i will add the vin anyhow just in case!