Discover the unparalleled beauty of Switzerland on these must-drive routes that promise breathtaking landscapes and cultural gems.


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The Grand Alpine Adventure

Embark on a 1,600-kilometer journey through Switzerland's most iconic landscapes, featuring 12 UNESCO World Heritage sites and 22 pristine lakes.

  1. Lucerne: Begin your adventure in this medieval city, renowned for its Chapel Bridge and stunning lake views.
  2. nterlaken: Gateway to the Jungfrau region, offering adrenaline-pumping activities and serene lakeside strolls.
  3. Zermatt: Marvel at the majestic Matterhorn and ride the Gornergrat Railway for panoramic vistas.
  4. St. Moritz: Discover luxury in the Engadin Valley, perfect for winter sports enthusiasts and relaxation seekers.
  5. Appenzell:  Immerse yourself in Swiss traditions amidst picturesque landscapes and vibrant villages.


Furka Pass Expedition

Experience the thrill of navigating the hairpin bends and panoramic views of the Furka Pass, a favorite among driving enthusiasts.

  1. Andermatt: Start your journey in this charming Alpine village, ideal for exploring before tackling the Furka Pass.
  2. Rhone Glacier:  Visit the ice grotto at Belvedere Hotel for a glimpse into the heart of the glacier.
  3. Realp: Relax and enjoy the Alpine scenery before continuing your adventure.


Three Lakes Route

Explore Western Switzerland's beauty with the Three Lakes Route, showcasing Lake Geneva, Lake Neuchâtel, and Lake Biel.

  1. Geneva: Begin your journey in this international city, famous for its diplomacy and picturesque waterfront.
  2. Lausanne: Dive into culture at the Olympic Museum and explore the vibrant city life.
  3. Neuchâtel:  Wander through the medieval old town and visit the historic Neuchâtel Castle.
  4. Murten: Experience medieval charm with well-preserved architecture and lakefront views.


Great St. Bernard Pass Journey

  1. Step back in time on the Great St. Bernard Pass route, offering historical significance and stunning Alpine landscapes.
  2. Martigny: Explore Roman ruins and learn about St. Bernard rescue dogs at the Barry Foundation.
  3. Hospice of the Great St. Bernard:  Visit the historic hospice and museum for insights into Alpine life.
  4. Aosta Valley: Cross into Italy for a taste of Italian culture and breathtaking mountain views.


Gotthard Panorama Drive

Cross Switzerland on the Gotthard Panorama Drive, linking the north and south with diverse landscapes and cultural treasures.


  1. Flüelen:Start your journey on Lake Lucerne's shores before ascending the historic Gotthard Pass.
  2. Gotthard Pass: Drive through history with stunning mountain panoramas and historical landmarks.
  3. Bellinzona: Discover UNESCO-listed castles and immerse yourself in Ticino's Italian-speaking culture.

Tips for an Unforgettable Road Trip in Switzerland


  1. Plan Ahead: Research routes, accommodations, and attractions in advance.
  2. Swiss Vignette: Obtain a motorway vignette for highway travel.
  3. Weather Preparedness: Check forecasts and road conditions, especially in mountainous areas.
  4. Culinary Delights: ndulge in Swiss cuisine like fondue and local specialties along the way.
  5. Sustainable Travel: Respect nature and follow local guidelines for eco-friendly travel practices

Embark on these epic road trips in Switzerland in 2024 to immerse yourself in the country's natural beauty and rich cultural heritage