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  • Last Post 10 February 2023
itsjoasom posted this 09 February 2023

Hello, I am Trying to understand the trouble codes from the app especially about ESP on a Mercedes Benz W204. The car is indicating that the runflat is inoperative together with the ESP (Visit Workshop). On the dashboard. After connection to the app, I get the following; ESP (486) C 2108 C 2265 C 1506 C 2106 C 2000 C 1938 C 3266 C 1170

Instrumental Cluster 481 B 210A-84 B 210A-84 C 10087 - U0100 87 C 16887 - U0168-87 There is no proper information on the internet about the above. Can I clear the extended diagnostics codes using the app? Thanks team.

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inCarDoc posted this 10 February 2023

  1. "Validated fault present" is just one of the formal states (according to ISO / SAE) that describes status of the DTC... expected name to be self-descriptive so
  2. Extended DTC clearing is supported only with inCarDoc Pro for Android version as "experimental" feature. Mostly it should work for all listed with Extended diagnostic DTCs/Systems, but clearing for some critical DTCs/Systems (like SRS/Airbag, ets.) might be disabled by car manufacturer (to be completed with authorized instruments/procedures only).

itsjoasom posted this 09 February 2023

Thanks incardoc support, also please elaborate on the following on reports.

DTC storage state Validated fault present Validated fault state Is there a way to check on the unknown ECUs? Can one clear codes on the extended diagnostics? Is there a way to clear airbag and non engine related lights? Thanks team.

inCarDoc posted this 09 February 2023

That is mostly about make/brand specific codes which might have limited public information. Never the less one can try queries with code + brand to find out some infromation. For example "C2108 Mercedes" might give you some appropreiate details like this one: "W211 SBC error C2108".