Console  allows manual input of the OBD-II commands and get the response from onboard system of the car and OBD-II adapter.

Activate "Console" option by putting a tick in Configurations > Test after that the menu Console will appear  at the main screen.

We recommend to use Console when the car is parked and the engine is on. Remember, it is dangerous and inconvenient using this option while driving.

There are 2 types of commands: the commands of adapter management and OBD-II commands (OBD-II PIDs). Usually adapter management commands start with the AT set, when OBD-II commands consist with the 16 digits only.

  1. Lets enter the first command: Input ATZ and press Enter (or Send button). If there is connection with the adapter we should receive an answer: ELM 327 v1.3a > or something similar, depending on the controller been user and adapter software version. ATZ — is preset command and restarts the adapter.
  2. The next command we may use is the command of protocol set up. Let’s enter ATSP0, as an answer we should receive: ATSP0 OK >.  ATSP0 is a special command which sets automatic mode of the protocol identification by the adapter.
For direct connection and search we should enter OBD-II command. For example, let’s send 0100 (command which is decoded as MODE 01, PID 00), if everything goes right we should get the answer: 0100 Searching…

41 00 XX XX XX XX >

Here X might be any 16 digit value.

Remember, this option is for experienced users and developed for experiments. Read more here.