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What do with a car after a road accident?

Administrator posted this 5 weeks ago

There are four scenarios to do after the road accident, the first is to repair the car and continue to use it; the second is to repair and sale it; the third variant is to sell it for spare parts, and the fourth -scrap. Your decision depends on how much the car was injured in an accident. Anyway, even after serious accidents, the car can be restored, but it is not safe to drive such a car, and it is dishonorable to sell it for future use.

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Rustin car, how to stop it?

Administrator posted this 19 February 2019

Every driver pays attention to the car condition and maintenance. Nevertheless, the parts and systems are worn out and the car eventually loses its capabilities. So, the decision is simple, just replace those items which has been worn out.

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Personal control at the service station

Administrator posted this 24 January 2018

You can find a maintenance station depending on the preferences or location. In addition, every user will be pleasantly surprised with one more useful feature – «Journal». It gives an ability to control every trip to the service station. Here you can see general data about location, date and time. All of your data are saved so you can always check or update the records.

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