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Stages of the vehicle creation?

Administrator posted this 06 December 2018

There is an amazing choice among cars on the automobile market for today, producers and designers create the impressive and unusual appearance and interior of the cars, which are technically developed and can be smarter than the driver. But, how does the car appear on the market? How does the idea come to be real? 

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Nuances of your car exploitation when the weather is cold

Administrator posted this 15 November 2018

When the winter comes, drivers are faced with many problems of the car exploitation. More information about how to prepare your car for the cold weather, we have already written. Hence, some systems of your car deserve special attention.

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How to prepare your car for the winter or the most spread problems which driver face in the winter

Administrator posted this 30 October 2018

There is a strong difference between driving in the winter and in the summer, and that problems with the car are not so critical and don’t make driver’s life complicated, as the problems with it do in the winter. Anyway, you can avoid or reduce the negative impact of all adversities, which you might face during your driving in the low temperatures. Especially, this article will be for “new drivers”, as it presents a list of life-hacks and even the rules for the operation of the car in the winter.

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How to choose the motor oil?

Administrator posted this 02 October 2018

It is obvious that the motor oil is necessary for your car, as it lubricates the parts, provides a cold and soft start of the engine, cleans parts, provides work at high temperatures.

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What you shouldn't leave in the car in hot weather?

Administrator posted this 13 September 2018

Summer ends, but the weather is still hot, what is more, this article would be relevant for those who live in countries with a hot climate. When you leave your car on the open parking lot or on the street at a hot and sunny day, be sure that you haven't left some usual things there. Soit is a list of what you shouldn’t leave in the car.

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Car gadgets you will totally love

Administrator posted this 23 August 2018

Today, there are the incredible number of gadgets specialized for cars, which helps to improve facilitate driving or car maintenance. In this case, the gadgets are the mobile applications and physical devices. Some of them are well-known and you can find them in every modern car, and some of them, you might not know. 

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Necessary things that you should keep in your car

Administrator posted this 30 May 2018

There may be different unforeseen situations while you are driving, so we have prepared a list of essential things in your car. Of course, this is not completed list, but these things are undoubtedly necessary for all drivers. You can add your versions in comments.

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