What does acronym DTC mean?

Administrator posted this 01 August 2019

The BMW users know this acronym very well, and it means Dynamic Traction Control. Well, traction control is necessary to improve the grip of the wheels on the road surface and optimize the driving dynamics. Especially well DTC justifies itself when driving on snow or infirm ground.

Among other things, a single click on the DTC button disables the DSC - Dynamic Stability Control system. The DSC responsible for the chassis (suspension) and complements the ABS. The brake control and engine speed control are entirely up to you, when you turn it off. Thus, the driver is able to slow down certain wheels and align the course of the car. Such manipulations require a high level of professionalism and experience.

Long press this button to disable the DTC system. It serves to prevent loss of grip.

The system justifies itself on a slippery and covered with ice road especially good. Therefore, it isn’t recommended turning off DTC even for drivers with years of experience. Otherwise, the risk of skidding increases.

How does DTC work?

Your car is completely hung with sensors. Those, which are on the wheels, have the task to analyze the speed of the wheel, and if one of them starts to slip, the ECU will either reduce traction (torque falls) or slow down the wheel.

Why disable DTC?

There is only one reason—drifting. If you are a fan of fast driving and go to a special track, the electronics will only depress your maneuvering on the car.

When driving in the city and/or bad weather conditions, the system should work.

DTC is a system only, isn’t it?

No. The acronym for DTC is another transcript of Trouble Diagnostic Codes Diagnostic error codes. They consist of six symbols (letter and 5 digits). They indicate the area (powertrain, body, chassis and User network), the type (General or factory) and the specific nature of the fault.

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