Time to Replace the Spark Plugs

Administrator posted this 15 August 2019

Several of topics in the blog are Spark Plugs related. We mentioned their role at various stages of car functionality and their troubles, even so, we are going to focus on nuances of spark plugs maintenance. 

Do you know how important the spark plugs are?

Plugs aren't a huge and heavy unit in the car. However, it can break down your vehicle. Simply to say, the spark stands out between the electrodes of the plugs and burns the air-fuel mixture. Finally, it starts the internal combustion engine too. A high-capacity of start-up, speed, fuel consumption, stability at idle, etc., depends on the quality of the small car units as spark plugs.  

What are the trouble codes? 

First of all, the “Check Engine" informs you that there are some errors in the car. It is most certainly that you will see trouble codes with the category “misfire” after the diagnostic. Misfire codes include P0300 - P0309, P0310- P0314, P0316 (for some car’s models), P0363.

We want to throw a spotlight on the fact, that mentioned codes aren’t strictly related to spark plugs. It is also can be an ignition coil, oxygen sensor or catalytic converter faults. That’s a reason for you to check all ignition system of the car. 

How to find a weakness? 

Cleaning under the hood will precisely help you to determine problems visually. Consequently, the first sign of engine misfire or combustion problems, the basic rule is to pull out the spark plugs. 

Anyway, some signs can prompt you to set a new plug. Rough idling, engine misfire, sluggish acceleration, surging and hesitation, difficulties in the engine start or poor fuel economy - are indicators, which make you check plugs.

When do you need to replace plugs? 

It depends on the type of plugs: 

  • Standard Copper Plug – 16 000 – 32 000km or 10 000 – 20 000ml 
  • Platinum Plug – 96 000km or 60 000ml 
  • Iridium Plug – 190 000km or 120 000ml 

The easiest way to figure out the type of plugs your car needs is to consult the owner’s manual or service manual.

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