The Truth about Cushion Buffer

Administrator posted this 20 August 2019

Power (Spring) Cushion Buffer also can be called as Car Buffer Bumper Cushion or Coil Spring Cushion Buffer — names for one unit of the vehicle. It is a shock-absorbing gasket installed between the turns of the suspension shock absorbers. Cushion Buffer is a new product in the automotive market, and it is a reason to raise the issue of its advantages & disadvantages.  

The main purpose is to provide comfort and easy driving abilities. Urethane cushion buffer is advertised as a blessing for your car. But is it really can be so universal? During the last decades, cars are stepped-up with different technical and electronics units, which helps to improve the riding experience.  

Promised properties of urethane Power Cushion Buffer: 

  • Perfectly absorbs blows  
  • Restores its shape to the original, even after severe deformation  
  • Wear-resistant (service life from 3 to 6 years)  
  • Reduces load and skidding force (slightly) during sharp turns  
  • Reduces vehicle vibration  
  • Shortening the braking distance  
  • Is additional protection for shock absorber  
  • The car doesn’t sag 

Naturally, the price of such a cushion is higher than that of conventional rubber shock absorbers. It is important not to confuse rubber and urethane, because by nature they are different materials.   

Some mechanics insist that there is no need to install additional equipment in the springs.  Cushion Buffer isn’t widespread, and if their properties were justified, the drivers would widely install them. 

In fact, what do we have?  

  • The car sags less at full load.  
  • Depending on the model and manufacturer of power cushion buffer Shortening the braking distance, but not significant.  
  • Return the rigidity of the old springs. 

Moreover, the installation of any auxiliary elements in the car changes its characteristics, for example, shifting the load on individual components of the car. In this case, cushions affect the terms of the work of the spring. One of the coils of the spring ceases to participate “in the game”, and therefore increases the pressure on it. 

Conclusion: Power Cushion Buffer is a temporary solution for the old worn springs and shock absorbers. With their installation, you will return springs to their former stiffness. However, in a year or less, you will have to change the springs. Terms of service cushions vary depending on the manufacturer, frequency and operating conditions of the car, ride quality.