The first major brands based up to 30s and their first cars. Part 2

Administrator posted this 08 January 2019

The automotive market was continued to develop, more and more companies appeared and started to create transport with combustion engines, which appear around the world. Engineers developed and designed faster and more stylish cars, they implemented them to different economic classes of the society. The great changes happened when the company ruled by Henry Ford appeared in the United States because he launched the first conveyor production of cars in factories. 

1902 Cadillac. The oldest American car producer after the “Buick” is “Cadillac” for today. With the assistance of entrepreneur William Murphy, Henry Leland founded the “Cadillac Motor Car Company” in 1902 in the United States. The company received its name in honor of the founder of the city of Detroit-Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac. As well as, David Buick's company, Cadillac is located in Michigan, Detroit. William Murphy and Henry Leland founded the company on the basis of the disintegrated production of "Car company of Detroit" in which Henry Ford previously worked.  

Cadillac Model A Runabout became the first car of the company and had a capacity of 10 HP, although the model of this car was developed by Henry Ford. Initially, the company was focused on the production of expensive cars, but closer to the 30s, began to produce models of economy class.   

In 1905 Cadillac Model F - the first truck of the company appeared on the market. And in 1909 “Cadillac” had begun its cooperation with "General Motors", after that GM bought the company.   

In 2018, the cooperation with GM is continuing, and the company this year released 375 967 cars. Modern cars by the "Cadillac" meet the standards of “luxury " class. 

1903 Ford. "Ford Motor Company" the company founded in 1903 by Henry Ford gets instant popularity and very quickly took on the market. In 1903, the first “Ford Model A” car with a two-cylinder engine was exhausted.  

In 1905, Henry Ford decided to produce cars that will be available to everyone, which is why he loses the investors. The first car which Henry Ford tried to present to investors, with "Ford Moto Car" at its characteristics cost $ 900, while a similar car from other manufacturers had a price tag of $1500. 

For sales, it was necessary to obtain permission from the "Association of licensed automobile manufacturers" (ALAM). They dictated the rules in the automotive market and controlled the process of production and sale of cars. And they reject the idea of Ford. 

Then, Henry Ford called on the race one of the members of ALAM. It is argued that this was almost the first time when Henry Ford acted as a full-fledged driver of the car. He won the best racer of America and became well known, his name became recognizable and investors became interested in him. Thus, he collected $28,000 ($700,000 for today) and as a result, he was able to start production. 

Nevertheless, Ford easily compensated for these losses by carrying out unification in production. In 1907, the Ford Motor Company produced 4 different models of cars. The plant was producing 15 cars a day. The same type of design of each car allowed to speed up the assembly.  

After that, ALAM as a monopoly - has filed a lawsuit against the company, Henry Ford.  At that moment there was a trial of the company Standart Oil, owned by Rockefeller.  The company was disbanded and the monopolistic market was changing. Against the background of all these events, Henry Ford was able to continue the development of his business. 

And in 1913, the company of Ford to launched the conveyor production. It was a revolution in the whole industrial sector. The representative of this era was the vehicle called “Ford Model T”. This car originally cost 850$, but after the innovation in production, its price has fallen to $260. Consequently, the cost of production has become cheaper and incomes have increased due to mass production. For example, the cheapest “Ford” cost is three monthly salary of ordinary worker of the USA in the 1920s. As a result, one-third of the market belonged to Henry Ford in 1935.  

In modern realities, the company continues to actively operate  5 071 528 cars in the 2018 year. 

1904 Rolls-Royce. The company “Rolls-Royce Limited” founded by Henry Royce and Charles Rolls in 1904 began to produce luxury cars, and never changed its traditions. All the cars of the company can be attributed to the prestigious class.  

Rolls Royce "Silver Ghost" becomes the first car of the company, whose release was in 1906. This car is still operational, its capacity is 50 HP, and the cost of such a collection car starts at 1.6 million feet-sterling or 2.03 million dollars.  

A large collection of Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars belongs to The British Crown. 

In 1971, the company went bankrupt. As the result, Rolls-Royce became a division of BMW and in 2018, was released 3 320 cars under the brand Rolls-Royce.