Stages of the vehicle creation?

Administrator posted this 06 December 2018

There is an amazing choice among cars on the automobile market for today, producers and designers create the impressive and unusual appearance and interior of the cars, which are technically developed and can be smarter than the driver. But, how does the car appear on the market? How does the idea come to be real?  

First of all, the average vehicle release, from idea to sales through dialers, takes 3+ years.  And the realization of developing a new product starts from market researches. The specialists study the interests of the users, customers, competitors, and the results of the previous experience.  

On the next stage, the requirements for the weight of the car, its type and class are established, the required fuel consumption and production volume are calculated.

The results of the previous work are estimated and the specialists determine the power units. PR department starts attracting investments and financing of the project.

The work under the vehicle building starts on the next stage. Engineers and constructors make scratches and drawings of the car, the computer analysis of technical and design requirements to the car is carried out. This allows experts to correct errors, improve aerodynamics, driving ability of the car and its safety on the roads.

On the basis of corrections and sketches - 3D models of the car are created, this allows to think over the concept of a car in the most detail.

Prototyping in real sizes. From artistic plasticine creates a model car in real size, which in turn allows you to clearly see the exterior of the car.

The developed car is subjected to a variety of tests, it is checked on the road, carry out crash tests, test cars on different road surfaces in different weather conditions.  

After all the above, begin to plan the mass production of the car. Specialists develop a production plan, Assembly work. The car model is certified. Also, at the same time, the first presentation of the concept car for the press is held and the mass market is announced, or a special release of a limited series.  

Taking into account all costs and production volumes at this stage, the retail price of one car is fixed.  

Marketing Department starts advertising, looking for dealers for future sales, etc. Only after all these manipulations, a few years later a car appears on the market.