Save you time with some easy car cleaning tricks

Administrator posted this 02 January 2019

The car must be monitored. This can be done by means of special car washes, and you can handle yourself. All car owners at least once washed their car, but not everyone knows the simple ways that will keep the car clean and tidy much longer. 

Use make-up brush  

To clean all the details, air vents, to get out the dust out from the gaps between the buttons and the seams between electronic panels, you’d better use small brushes – as a variant you can buy a make-up brush, or you can use the used one (just wash it before). There are many areas of the car’s interior that are hard to reach and clean with a cloth. 

Sometimes you can use teeth brush, but it isn’t perfect in this case. Teeth brush has hard villuses, which can damage and left micro-scrapes on the panels and metallic cover.  

Toothpaste and toothbrush 

Those two things can not only be used for cleaning the teeth, but also for cleaning the headlights. What is a big plus, for this purpose you can use the cheapest toothpaste. Leave it for a few minutes before washing it off, and apply toothpaste in a thick layer. 


To peel off the dirty out of the upholstery seats, you can make a scrub. Blend in water, vinger and baking soda. Apply to small dirty and grease spots and leave it on for 3-5 minutes. Then wipe the seats and remove the excess. This scrub is not always possible to apply to the soft skin upholstery. If the seats are leather, you can damage them, as well as particles of baking soda can leave micro-scratches on the metal surface.  Also, you can use this scrub to clean car mats. 

Use professional chemicals to clean the seat upholstery better. But high-quality chemicals are expensive, although the probability of" make it worse " - less when you use professional cleaning scrubs and sprays. 

Silicone liners 

You can also use silicon liners for backing, and put them into jockey box or cup holders. So, the next time, when you will clean your car, you can just wash and dry those silicone liners and put them back. In such a way glovebox and cup holders will be always clean. 

The fabric softener will reduce the dust 

Dilute the fabric softener in water. You won't need much, and wipe the front panel and toolbar clean with this water.  Therefore, the pleasant smell will full over the car cabin and dust won’t settle so quickly to the surface. In addition, by this fabric softener you will give a shine to the interior of your car. 

Keep in the car 

Store in your car the next things: wet wipes. towels and a small trash can in the car. Believe, this will keep the car clean.