Is there a significant difference in the process cycles of the engine (Otto, Atkinson and Miller)

Administrator posted this 27 June 2019

The internal-combustion engine is the heart of the car. The first ICE was constructed in 1860 and was powered with 8.8 kW (11.97 HP). German engineers, Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach, developed the first gasoline engine in 1885 and installed it on a motorcycle (called a Daimler Motorcycle), later, it was implemented on a car.

Since then, the ICE has been repeatedly changed, except for their basic idea. The modern engineering industry is trying to improve on the IC Engine by the rise of the efficiency factor. Even now, some fuel is being wasted in nowhere.

Hence, there are 15 different cycles of the engine performance, but most spreads are three of them, they are well known as: Otto cycle, Miller cycle, Atkinson cycle. The engine running on the Otto cycle, installed on more than half of the cars. Operations of the motor is built in 4 cycles: inlet compression, working stroke, exhaust gas.

The engine running on the Atkinson cycle worked effectively due to a more complex design. However, that construction awarded the engine with overall dimensions, low torque at low speed and caused problems in the throttle performance. Atkinson motors have been slightly modified and used on hybrid cars, but they are still a single case and not widespread.

Miller's engine is an attempt to combine the advantages of the previous two cycles. In this case, the design was focused on the compression stroke due to the stroke of the inlet. Finally, the efficiency of the engine has increased and therefore reduced fuel consumption, the design of the Otto engine is preserved, the engine is quite quiet. But the main disadvantage is the low output power. This disadvantage is especially noticeable at high speeds. Internal combustion engines of modern cars work fine in the Miller cycle, are also applicable to the hybrid cars of Toyota. What is more, the SKYACTIV engine based on the Miller cycle just at low rpm and on the principle of Otto - at high rpm.

When buying a car, the engine cycle does not play a significant role. Most likely, you will buy or already possess a car engine that runs in the Otto cycle. If you have a hybrid car, it most likely has the construction of Miller's Internal-combustion engine Miller. It is not necessary to take into account the diesel engine, which has its own unique features.