Hybrid, plugin hybrid and electric car - short and main

Administrator posted this 27 November 2018

Hybrid, plug-in hybrids and electric cars — are cars that gradually occupy a dominant position in the car market by reducing the share of gasoline transport. Such cars are marked with letters combination EV on their body. If you want to buy environmentally friendly transport, you must understand the main differences between cars with an electric motor,  


Hybrid-cars have an internal combustion engine and an electric motor that is charged exclusively from the energy that is generated by the engine when the fuel is burned. Therefore, the car's capable to pass isnt longon such electric charging. These cars are characterized by reduced fuel consumption, for which they are considered more environmentally friendly.   

Hybrid cars start their movement with the collaboration work of the electric and gasoline engine. These cars are less environmentally friendly, as they allow you to drive only in tandem with the engine, in addition, the battery cannot be charged independently. 

Plug-in-hybrids or rechargeable hybrid (PHEV/REEV)  

Plug-ins-hybrids or rechargeable hybrid, or alternative hybrids – different names for the same thing. Have IC engine and a larger accumulator than hybrids have. The battery can be charged separately, therefore, and to drive REEV on electricity you could for long. What is more, driving out the city for a long distance will not be a problem, as it will be possible to switch to the fuel engine or to plan the time and route through the points of charges of electric cars. 

In order to charge such a car, there are special charging points. Insert the charger into a grounded outlet, and the charger into the charging port of the car. Well done, the cars accumulator is charging! 

Especially well such cars justify themselves in large cities, because of the short dense and slow flow of traffic. An additional of these carsin this case, is their environmental friendliness. 

Recharged hybrids are able to drive only on electric traction and after battery depletion switch to IC engine.   

A limited number of service centers that are able to provide services for the diagnosis and repair of such vehicles may be the only problem for the REEV owners who live in small towns. 

On the basis of all the information, we can conclude that the movement of the car is equally provided by an electric motor and a gasoline engine. But the main work falls on the electric motor. Alternative hybrids have the largest power reserve in comparison with the other two. The battery, as well as have independent exercises.  

Electric car   

Works only at the expense of the electric motor. These cars are very easy to maintain because they do not have IC engine and other parts that are necessary for the car on fuel. Electric cars quickly gain torque and are very mobile for large cities, and most importantly completely environmentally friendly. In addition, they are able to refuel from solar panels. 

But, at the same time, electric cars have a limited stroke. Therefore, the driver should carefully plan their movement to be able to charge the car. At the moment, full-fledged electric vehicles are represented only by city cars. 

The electric bridge fully ensures the movement of such a car, which is powered by a battery and doesnt emit harmful substances. The smell of 170-350 km\h. Moreover, such a car can be charged from alternative sources, for instance, sun battery.