Fresh Specs Details Audi RS 4 Avant

Administrator posted this 02 October 2019

The car will go to dealerships in European countries in Oktober, 2019.

  • 2.9 TFSI twin-turbo V6
  • 155,5 hp per liter
  • 600 Nm or 442.5 lb-ft
  • Top speed 250-280 kph
  • Acceleration 4.1 seconds (to 100 kph)

Brutal & Elegant

Is it possible, to be brutal and elegant at the same time? To answer this question, look at Audi RS 4 Avant design. We wrote about Audi RS Q3 Sportback before, and the exterior of these two models has familiar features. The new RS 4 Avant has a wide single-frame, black grille with a three-dimensional honeycomb structure with large side air intakes. Muscular exterior design is the main approach for Audi Sport GmbH.

Nevertheless, Audi RS 4 Avant undergoes changes in comparison with previous brothers. The body shape, headlights, wheel arches, stylish elements were redesigned. Special attention was paid to the material of stylized details (the inlay in the sill of the car, the housing of mirrors, roof spoiler).

Modification of the Engine

The engine and all running elements get some restyling. Firstly, the engine is lighter than the previous one used in 2012 RS 4 Avant. Secondly it is based on legendary engine made by Audi in 1999. The new model is equipped with the 2.9 TFSI twin-turbo V6 motor. This up-and-coming powertrain ensures 331 kW or 450 HP power output. It applies 600 Nm or 442.5 lb-ft of torque to the crankshaft in a broad engine speed range from 1,900 to 5,000 rpm.

The layout of the engine cylinders with the intake side on the outside and Vice versa, allowed to achieve a compact design. This way of construction provides efficiency and productivity. Fuel consumption is 9.2/100 (liters per kilometers), and the concentration of CO2 is to 208 grams per kilometer or 334.7 g/mi. This ratio of engine power to fuel consumption is achieved thanks to the B-cycle combustion process.

Confident Driving

Maneuverability, traction, stability of the car is much higher than in previous models. The wheel-selective torque control, the Electronic Stabilization Control, the optional quattro sport differential are functions that guarantee stabilized driving on all types of surfaces.

Dynamic steering and suspension have optional characteristics, which the user will be able to choose. The RS Sport Suspension + with Dynamic Ride Control (DRC) allow you to improve the driving experience in all aspects. With the new functions of the car in this area, the driver creates a customized driving style, which is comfortable exactly for him for a particular selected condition. Simply put, Audi is focused on the comfort of the driver and the feel of driving.

Standard Multi-functionality and Versatility

Black interior with led inserts and overlays (30 colors) and 10.1-inch touch screen MMI with easy operation on the new operating system – is that Audi offers to users, in all.

The cabin is comfortable for the passenger and the driver, and it has minor differences in various configurations. However, it still offers a wide range of functions and information for the driver.