Car Detailing Is An Important Operation Or Waste Of Money?

Administrator posted this 30 July 2019

What is car detailing? To make it clear, allow drawing the analogy from cosmetic procedure and beauty salon. Car detailing is a range of manipulation the vehicle appearance, without changes of construction, both cabin and body. The purpose is to make the car spotlessly clean inside and outside.

Your car needs detailing once a year, especially if you have pets and children who can damage the cabin of the car.

The main difference between the car wash and detailing that in the first case is an automatic process and doesn’t apply to your car. If we talk about detailing, auto cleaning is performed manually. And thus, it improves the quality of work. Of course, you can clean the car yourself. However, you won’t have special chemicals that are used by professionals and you will need to set aside time your own time. It will be timeless for you and expensive for your wallet.

Briefly, detailing includes:

  • Car Cabin Deep Cleaning (cleaning of different coatings, metal vinyl, plastic, leather, fabric surfaces);
  • Car Body Cleaning (tires, wheels, windows, wipers, and paint surface improvements);
    •    Paint Protection is - waxing, use of Paint Sealant protection and Ceramic Coating;

Benefits of car detailing:

  • Value – good condition of the car increases its cost. This is an important point for every driver, especially if you are going to sell your car in the future.
  • Protection – detailing protects your car from contamination and oxidation (rust).
  • Health caring of passengers and driver – detailing kills germs, and is another reason why detailing your car is important.

Your car must be handsome not only in how does it look, but also has excellent performance for years. Provide vehicle diagnostics with inCarDoc to reach the purpose.