New Generation Corvette Stringary

Administrator posted this 14 April 2020

The first thing to stop at is a new line-up. A traditional car with a front-mounted engine has reached the threshold of its capabilities. The new Stringary has a median engine location.

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Crazy Discounts on Luxury Cars and Honorary Awards 2020

Administrator posted this 09 April 2020

1. The luxury discount of $10K. One way or another, it is worth recognizing that the reason for discounts is the current situation in the world. Car brands offer huge discounts and flexible payment terms for purchases and leasing. 

2. 2020 Automotive Awards. There are a lot of car awards, and many of them are prestigious since the assessment is based not only on user experience but also on the opinion of experts.

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Weekends News Feed

Administrator posted this 06 April 2020

The Kona Electric is a versatile car suitable for everyday use, thanks to its capacity. Not so long ago, the model became a full-fledged part of the model range of Hyundai electric cars.

How does the driver's test drive go? Like everyone else - virtually.

One by one car is equipped with large multimedia displays. However, Nissan decided to surprise

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The Online Debut of Genesis and Technologies Of the future BMW and Toyota

Administrator posted this 31 March 2020

The Genesis GV80 SUV debuted online, in light of current events. However, his debut was not ignored at all. The car will be available with three engine options, three-wheel options and a wide range of body colours.

BMW is ready to focus on alternative powertrain systems, and in particular on hydrogen fuel cell technology. It comes as initial technical data of the transmission for BMW i Hydrogen NEXT.

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Connection Mode Bluetooth - inCarDoc

Administrator posted this 26 March 2020

How to use inCarDoc? Launching and Configuration of inCarDoc with Bluetooth for Android or iOS

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News Feed Bentley, Hyundai, Audi, VW

Administrator posted this 18 March 2020

  • Will The Bentley Mulsanne Become An SUV?

  • Debut Of The 2021 Hyundai Elantra

  • Sales and Pre-orders

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Remember that inCarDoc and inCarDoc Pro are Best Apps for the Car Care

Administrator posted this 17 March 2020

Car care is an important aspect for all drivers. Modern cars are incredibly technological, and this gives an advantage in their maintenance. Each driver can independently monitor the condition of their car, namely,

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2020 Honda Odyssey Minor Updates for an Impressive Car

Administrator posted this 16 March 2020

Honda's 2020 New York International Auto show exhibit will feature the world debut of its refreshed 2021 Odyssey. As is often the case, at first glance, the changes are not critical. However, the result is noticeable, especially for fans of the brand. 

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Volkswagen ID.3 so Eco-friendly and so Inexpensive

Administrator posted this 13 March 2020

Electronic mobile accessibility will become really available this summer. Model VW ID.3 will be a profitable acquisition both from the point of view of the operation, and directly the purchase itself. 

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BMW Moves Forward

Administrator posted this 10 March 2020

The BMW-group always was a great competitor for other carmakers and still pretends to be a leader. The companies' engineers develop huge and impressive concepts and series models of cars. The New BMW M2 Coupe, the BMW 4 Series Rendering, the i4 EV concept and even more are among the latest examples.

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