Top Acura Division Cars

Administrator posted this 26 July 2022

Acura Division is the North American division of the Japanese concern Honda. The main difference between Acura cars and similar Honda models is their sporty appearance and a higher level of serial configuration. 

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Volvo is a safe car. Top Volvo cars

Administrator posted this 23 June 2022

The automotive industry is improving daily, creating new opportunities. In today's car market, you can always find a good offer. It's difficult to choose a brand that will meet all needs 100%. Let's talk about Volvo in this article. It is a Swedish brand with traditions dating back to the early 20th century. 

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What Does Your Check Engine Light Mean?

Administrator posted this 21 June 2022

Every driver has at least once encountered a situation when a lamp began to burn, indicating an engine malfunction. This lamp lights up only for a couple of minutes at the time of the start of the car, after which it goes into inactive mode. Today, modern cars have in their arsenal a lot of additional sensors that are placed on the dashboard and help the motorist to monitor the serviceability of his vehicle. The indicator of stable and serviceable operation of the engine is the Check engine malfunction light. 

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Car maintenance and its advantages

Administrator posted this 07 June 2022

Vehicle maintenance is a whole range of preventive measures. They are aimed at preventing car breakdowns. Car maintenance is an important event that helps prolong the car's operation, protect it from accidents, and use fuel and technical fluids sparingly. Mechanisms will work in the proper mode, provide high safety to the driver, and at the same time, the car will behave perfectly on the road. 

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How to choose a car for a large family

Administrator posted this 26 May 2022

According to statistics, many people have difficulties answering the question of which car to buy for the family. As a rule, it is quite difficult to choose a car. It is argued that the auto market is full of various cars. From characteristics from different price categories. The main thing is to determine for yourself the key points in choosing the best car for the family. It should be understood that the reliability of the body, power elements, and the car, in general, are the main factors when choosing a suitable car.

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What are the advantages of the application for car diagnostics?

Administrator posted this 12 May 2022

One of the advanced applications for auto diagnostics is inCarDoc. This is a mobile app for Android and iOS. It connects to the vehicle's on-board computer using OBD-II via Bluetooth or Wifi. The application provides extensive opportunities for on-board vehicle diagnostics. The principle of operation of the application is to read dynamic and stored parameters from the engine control unit (ECU) of cars supporting the OBD-II standard.

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Top 5 cars for long journeys. What is their difference?

Administrator posted this 02 May 2022

Car travel is one of the types of recreation that is increasingly practised. Someone sets out to just drive a long distance, studying nature and sights. Others go to a particular city or corner of the country to spend time with a loved one, children, or friends. But it is important to understand that not every car is suitable for such tasks. The travel-car should be selected properly. When choosing the best car for travel, you need to consider the number of passengers, roads, carry luggage, comfort and other significant points. Before starting, pay attention that we don't talk about motor homes.

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Problems with the engine, that can be detected by the OBD2 app

Administrator posted this 22 April 2022

The on-board diagnostic system of the car notifies the driver about the malfunction. This process occurs by generating the appropriate diagnostic trouble codes. As a rule, a warning lamp or other indicator on the dashboard informs the driver. The fault code is indicated by the acronym DTC.

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A little about "smart" cars and their representative - inCarDoc

Administrator posted this 19 April 2022

The steady rise in fuel prices has prompted many motorists to consider replacing large and "voracious" vehicles. More and more motorists pay attention to small and economical cars. One of the representatives of which is the Smart car. Mainly, the low cost of these copies gained such popularity compared to more expensive cars.

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The inCarDoc app is an up-to-date solution for every motorist. The possibilities of using the Adapter

Administrator posted this 07 April 2022

The use of mobile applications has become part of the daily life of users. They can be designed for almost all industries. The automotive field is one of the most popular services. Mobile applications for cars are gaining more and more popularity among motorists around the world. inCarDoc is a mobile application that connects to the vehicle's onboard computer using OBD-II via Bluetooth or Wifi. The app provides extensive opportunities for on-board vehicle diagnostics.

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