Tire maintenance is an important aspect when it comes to a significant driver and fleet safety program. The better the tires, the better the vehicle performs on the road and thereby helps in the protection of its equipment and maximizes the profitability by saving on fuel. The good condition of the tires will even increase the mileage of the vehicle.

Despite all this, drivers tend to lack an effective tire management maintenance strategy. People would rather have visual checks than the actual tire pressure and tread depth.

How to maintain a truck tire?

If you want better tire maintenance, then you can follow our guidelines given below –

  • Ensure the tire pressure is proper

The tires tend to blow up in the summer than any season. In the same way, tires deflate in the winters due to the contraction of air molecules, which are made closer together. This will damage the tread and sidewall of the tires.

Again, when it comes to the summer, the air molecules will expand up and inflate the tires. The sudden change in pressure will result in the likelihood of a blowout.

  • Maintain proper wheel alignment

The misaligned wheel will result in a wide range of issues that will adversely impact the performance of your vehicle.

When the top half of the tire tilts outwards, it is known as a positive chamber. This will increase the pace at which the tires wear off. Here are the symptoms of misaligned tires:

  • Off centre steering when driving in a straight line
  • Vibration in the steering wheel
  • Irregular thread
  • Shoulder wear
  • The vehicle moves to one direction when the driver takes his hands off the steering wheel
  • Practice Tire Rotation

Tire rotation is the process by which the tires are repositioned to balance the tire wear. The rear tires wear faster for commercial trucks as they tend to pivot on the front-drive axle when making turns around corners. Manufacturers will usually recommend a rotation scheme in the owner’s manual.

For example, the Michelin tires recommend that the tired be rotated for every 8,000 miles. You should also measure the depth of both the tire to be sure that they are in good condition.

Effective tire maintenance can provide carriers with a lot of savings from the fuel when you consider the long run. These tips for maintaining a truck tire will help you keep the tires of your vehicle very well.  Mobile tire repair in Gainesville will allow you to have the right tire maintenance by having regular check-ups. Mobile tire repair in Gainesville will make sure the above-mentioned points are adhered to.