Do you want to know how to scrap your old car in Singapore? In this article, we will take a look at the steps involved in scrapping a car in Singapore.

Scrapping Car Procedures

Step 1: Find A Car Scrapyard

There are many car scrapyards in Singapore (e.g. You can find one by searching online or by asking around. Before you decide to take your car to a scrapyard, make sure you have a valid reason for doing so. If the car is not drivable, for example, it may not be worth the cost of taking it to a scrapyard.

Step 2: Remove The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Plate

There are a few ways to remove a vehicle's VIN plate. The most common way is to use a grinder or saw to cut out the plate. Another method is to use a torch to melt the plate off. However, be aware that removing the VIN plate may invalidate the vehicle's insurance policy.

Step 3: Remove The Engine Cover And Exhaust System

Scrap cars usually contain hazardous materials such as oil, gas and brake fluid, which can pose a danger if they are not disposed of correctly. This is why it is important to remove the engine cover and exhaust system before disposing of the car. This will help to prevent any potential health hazards from arising.

Step 4: Cut Through The Bodywork To Release Airbags And Seats

Scrap cars are a popular resource for car recyclers in Singapore. This is because, in addition to the metal content, scrap cars also contain airbags and seats that can be cut through to release them. This process is dangerous, as it can result in the release of chemicals and other materials that may be hazardous. Car recyclers who engage in this process must take precautions to protect themselves from potential injury.

Step 5: Remove All Unwanted Parts From The Vehicle

Scrap cars can be a great resource for recycling unwanted parts. Not only are they free to take, but you can also make money from the sale of these parts. In Singapore, most scrap car dealers will buy all unwanted parts from you, regardless of their condition.

Benefits Of Scrapping Your Old Car

There are a number of reasons why people might choose to scrap their old car. Some might be looking to get money back on a car that is no longer usable, others may want to reduce the environmental impact of their vehicle disposal, and still others may simply want to free up space in their garage or driveway. Regardless of the reason, scrapping a car can provide some benefits for the owner.

One major benefit of scrapping a car is that it can often yield a high return on investment (ROI). This is because many vehicles which are scrapped have significant amounts of value remaining, which means that the owner can often receive a significant amount of money for them. Additionally, many scrapyards will only accept cars that have been abandoned or have reached the end of their life cycle, meaning that there is an increased chance that your car will be accepted.

Scrapping an old car also has environmental benefits. By removing these cars from circulation, it reduces the amount of emissions they produce and helps to save resources in manufacturing new vehicles. Additionally, by recycling certain parts of the vehicle (such as metals), owners can help reduce wastefulness and help preserve natural resources.

As you can see, there are a number of steps that need to be taken before scrapping your old car in Singapore. However, if you follow these simple steps, then it is likely that your vehicle will be turned into scrap quickly and without any problems. Check out SG Car Scrap to get your car scrap.