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Marc Schepp posted this 21 June 2019

Hello, i recently bought an obd2 scanner. after getting the pro version for incardoc, i went to the menu point 'diagnostics'. It showed that i have 0 DCTs and the MIL is off. After clicking on Test Results at the top, it showed me some boxes with the headlines 'misfire data cylinder 1,3 and 4 'Catalytic Bank 1' '(heated) exhaust gas sensor bank 1 - sensor 1' you can find a screenshot of it here, because I cant post pictures:!AqE6oWHRudDKkz9WKK2WTdwDF0Bh What does that mean? What does the diagnostics part do in general? I dont really get it. Is it normal that I get those boxes or should be everything clear at all? Any help would totally help.

Thanks in Advance.


inCarDoc posted this 21 June 2019

Thanks for the right question

1st do not worry, that is just controlled parameters and current values. in your case all is Ok. If some of those parameters get out of the bounds, that turns Check Engine on the dashboard and appropriate info at Diagnostisc.

2nd ... yes it might be a right time to write some article about Test/Mode $6 parameters. Hope write it soon and give some extended explanations.