Kia error codes not clearing

  • Last Post 12 September 2021
Ruffy posted this 11 September 2021

Error codes are not clearing when they used to ?

inCarDoc posted this 12 September 2021

It's recommended to clear codes with stopped engine but full power on ECU: key ON (or II) position

- stop car's engine and switch key to ON (or II) position
- unplug/plug in adapter, check that it's powered
- connect from the app
- open Diagnostic page and wait finishing of basic reading
- use Clear button to clear the codes from ECU's memory

Please also note to clear errors only after fixing appropriate car's malfunctions, other case car will automatically rise errors again  with the next self-test cycle.

If have issues please use Save-Send optiond at the Diagnostics screen to send details and issue description