Key Specs

The Honda TRX450R is a high-performance all-terrain vehicle (ATV) that was built to take on the roughest of terrains while providing a quality ride, and smooth handling. It has a four-stroke, single-cylinder engine with a 5-speed gearbox and an electric starter (available in the ER version). The ATV also has a top speed of 74 mph, and 41 horsepower (31 kW).

Power & Performance

The Honda TRX450R has a 450 cc engine. For an ATV that’s a lot of power. Whether you’re taking it out for a quick spin on the beach, or planning to go racing, you can rest assured that this quad will always deliver an amazing performance.

Along with great performance, the 450R also guarantees a great economy. It has a twin-sump lubrication system which makes sure that cold oil reaches the clutch and transmission as necessary. All the features on the 450R are fully optimized in a way that will help you get the best out of it with very little effort.

Racing Capabilities

The 450R is an extremely fast ATV, even without any sort of modification. It’s also easy to control and has a quick and clean throttle response. It may not be able to produce as much power as a Yamaha or a KTM, but any skilled rider can get the best out of this toy with absolute ease.

On clean roads or smooth surfaces, the ATV will ride normally, like a high-performance bike. If you take it off the road and into a wild or muddy setting, it’ll pretty much give you the same performance, with very little drop in quality.

However, its top-notch racing capabilities don’t mean that you’re safe from any sort of accident. Hence, whenever you’re out with your ATV, and plan on going racing or extreme off-roading, you must take proper precautions and necessary safety measures.

Offroading Capabilities

The 450R is a joy to ride off-road. Despite the way it accelerates, a proper driver, who knows how to handle the throttle, can easily control it over rough terrains. And thanks to its quick throttle response, you can keep revving at a high rpm and ride as rashly as you want.


Handling the TRX450R is surprisingly easy. Despite being a racing ATV, it still has remarkable stability, and can easily be brought back in line whenever it tends to misbehave a little. The 450R has plenty of side clearance as well, making it the ideal machine for getting through trick corners. Also, the compact nature of the 450R enables you to maneuver it through tight spaces.  Besides, the ATV has enough ground clearance to make sure that its underside isn’t brushing off against any sort of debris on the ground.

Brakes & Suspension

The brakes on the 450R were built for racing. It’s almost as if these brakes complement the amazing power and performance that the 450R has to offer. The brakes have the capability to bring your machine down to a complete halt even when you’re driving in high gear. The breaking process is also quite sublime. Even during hard braking, it won’t feel like the ATV is trying to throw you off of its back.

Maintenance & Repairs

When something goes awry, companies like ZMPerformance have what you need to get it running again. For instance, if you break the fender on your TRX450R, they have the new parts to get it looking nice again. And don’t worry, because the maintenance job won’t affect the performance or ride-quality of your ATV at all. If anything, getting your 450R repaired and some new parts can only improve the way it runs.

Taking care of your 450R

Honda’s TRX450R doesn’t require any sort of special treatment. You can treat it like any other quad or bike. If you tend to do a lot of off-roading or racing, you should consider cleaning it properly after every ride. Make sure to check in on the air filters as well (at least once every couple of months). Checking the oil in your ATV is just as important. If dirt or debris starts accumulating inside the oil, you’ll have to change the oil completely.

Final verdict

It’s been quite some time since Honda came up with the TRX450R, and even after all these years, this ATV is as popular as the day it came out. All in all, it’s still a decent ATV, both in terms of performance as well as value.